Tuesday, February 28

One Year: I did it!

The most incredible thing just dawned on me; and that is that I had been blogging for a year. More, that I have 80 posts! 80! How and where?? I really must love talking! *big grin*
But, come o: one year and 80 blogs…and more than 4,000 page views?? I will pretend the other 330 pageviews were viewed by my humble self! Mehhn, I guess I should thank my followers and everyone else who is a faithful reader of my muse…bravely and gamely reading whether it made sense or not….you make my day. A friend once wrote that ‘it gets lonely up there on the internet’ (is that an irony? rolling eyes). Anyway, I consider it a great honour to have you  always visiting here.

Now, it occurred to me that I wanted to go back and read the stuff that I have written, to review and judge myself; if the reasons why I blogged still exists…I would say yes, they do, but as one of my very obstinate friend always says, me, Zouzou, you are not free, and you still dont allow people to be free! Hmmmm...one example she gave me: when my sisters try to include me in their hair business, I go…’please, do you think I am bald for no reason? spare me such discussions…’ my Obstinate Friend thinks I should let them be free to do whatever, including have such discussion with me! See me see trouble oh. #Confused. Na she sabi sha! I no hold them!

Also, I always ponder, is being free the same as being bold?? For instance my nails: (my hands: no one touches them in the name of any yeye manicure, neither do I paint them because it makes me feel uncomfortable) so, if go for the sharpest blue cutex on my nails, would that be termed being free or being bold, or both?…I sense a thin line there, and this is just one of the very simple examples.  Also, I believe I still hold tightly to some of my (even if I do say so) nontraditional beliefs, does that mean I am not free? I think, it means I am even more free…ok, enough with the musing aloud! However, one thing I have always prayed this blog be is true, and free of pretence.

So, I went through digging into my posts…a pleasure ride, and I resisted tweaking here and there. Mais,I re-discovered the ones I enjoyed writing: Looool!!!, Describe Your corner, (because I never thought of myself as being a poet!), Yay! He is Speaking, Salt  and In Pain…I really, really enjoyed writing those, amongst many others...I mean, 80 posts. I marvel at me.

Yesterday, I came across 3 of my diaries from way back in the 1990s…unbelievable memories (good and bad) assaulted me. In fact, when I flipped open one of the diaries, what hit me was ‘Dimas died’  (that’s my brother) ouch!! Like a fist struck my chest, I actually reared back!
I had have always thought I didn’t have the discipline to keep a diary or journal, but I did then! The diaries combined with messages Rev. George Adegboye preached as well as how my day was going and my feelings…it was incredible that dates I had forgotten leaped at me, and worse, I recorded quite a number of painful events…I saw so many ‘I am brokes’…lol….and ‘fixed my hair’…how strange and ironic…and I can even put a date to those times when I walked to and fro Church or school..I wasn’t sure if I was happy I found those diaries, but I learned to be grateful because I have come such a long way …there were the good memories too…the strength I have today is as a result of those experiences. Oh well.
Amazingly, I found one in which all the sermons I wrote were in French! Lol.

Well, I guess I should celebrate one year of blogging , right? Hmmm….hmmmm….hmmmnn!
Well, in the spirit of doing things differently (not that I am running away from giving freebies, if only I have a clue!), I really ought to sit up and find ways of making this blog better, bigger, brighter, and attract wider readers…abi, what say ye??
BUT, is anyone even thinking that another way is to celebrate me?? You know? Me. I talked for one year! I deserve the kudos, that I stuck to it alone...*Big Grin*

Be free oh
PS/ did I ever tell the reason why I have this tag line??


  1. Zee, I applaud your milestone…certainly braver and more dedicated than I will ever be…hehehe…You have to be proud of yourself, it really is an accomplishment. And nothing like writing it down to look over later in life…I was going through some emails I had since 2000! And the ones I loved were the ones me and my friends were having heart to heart on ALL topics…I laughed, I cried and I reminisced. Good stuff. Keep up the good work chica.

    heers Mary (Omo Jesu)

  2. Well done!!! You don't know how people like me that don't know how to write marvel at your gift.

    Keep it up dear. Many more exciting years of changing lives through blogging!!



  3. Celebrate you ke? You should settle us for reading about you for one whole year! Making the rest of us look urrrggghhh for one whole year. I beg e don tai i chop your money, so, no escaping, you must wash am well well.

    1. Loretta, you have been found out...what do you mean e tey wey you chop my money?? I no pay for movies recently abi na dream I dream?? *sticking out tongue!*

  4. Yay!!!!! Congrats and weldone Zain.......dnt rest on ur oars..Carpe Diem!

    1. Ehen....abeg where are them oars so I can lean in well well! :-)
      Thanks a mill...

  5. It is definitely incredible to look back and see what we've achieved. Congrats dear, I've enjoyed reading your blogs. I also believe in your tag, Freedom is great.

  6. Wow...feels just like yesterday you started blogging. Time flies by so fast.
    Well done for sticking it out and being consistent and more importantly, for keeping it real. Deserves a celebration for sure!

  7. Bee! We will hold that celebration until you return, you know where we are going to go for sure....wink wink

  8. Congratulations Zee! One year's worth of blogging is such a treasure. The best bit is you do not know its worth till you go back over your writing and see how you have evolved. Thank you for your funny-isms. Those are my best bits. So much sadness in the world, anything that makes me laugh is a must have. Mwaah! Be free-er!


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