Wednesday, October 19

Describe Your Corner

Describe your corner; What is in it?
Laughter? peace? Joy? wholesomeness? Fun?

Are there flowers? Roses, daffodils, Jasmine, Daisy?
Is the fragrance wafting up to envelop, and bring pleasure?
Is it fresh and cool? Like the dew of Hamon?
Can the breeze sweeping your flowers left and right be felt?
Swaying them to its rhythm-
a rhythm of memories,
of the deeds of the Most High…

Is it colourful around you?
What shades of purple, blue, green, yellow, red…?
What does each signify?-
Giving? Encouragement? A word in season? A charge?

How about your curtains?
Are they in vibrant, flowery fabrics?
How are they woven or sewn?
Are the pleats perfect and minute?
Are they like a tapestry? Each patch telling a story?
Does the fabric fall in thick folds,
Singing to the floor like oil from Aaron’s head?
To heal, and anoint?

What about your flooring?
Is it made of tiles or carpets or wood?
Does contact with it bring instant peace and tranquility;
a sense of ‘home?’

Are there birds in your corner?
Chirping and flitting daintily from branch to branch?
Singing their own special songs in their peculiar cry?
Is it quiet or noisy around you?
Is there peace, in the midst of the noise?

How about music?
What beat belts forth?
Cool, smooth…jazzy…
Breathing life in the humdrum?
Whispering in notes of comfort and ...hope
A sound of heaven
Can we hear the sigh of the butterfly…in your corner?

Describe your corner.
What is in it??


inspired by:  'Brighten the Corner Where You Are' at

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  1. Nice peace! True & deep prose, what is in my corner.... room room plenty of room to engage, listen and be a voice of encouragement :)


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