Tuesday, June 14

God is so Funny!

God has a sense of humour oh. He really does!!! Chei! He just had one on me!
A few days ago I read a tweet from Rick Warren: when we try to plan out every detail of our lives, God laughs out loud”…and I laughed out loud when I read that, little did I know that He had plans for me!!! Loooool.
Been working on this little project that needed tidying up. So, by the end of the weekend I had made all sorts of arrangements to carry them out on Monday, asap (hmmm, and I thought I was no superwoman), so I could close on this very precious little Project. How the big guy must have chuckled and smiled and snickered (is that offensive to Him, do you think? Is He saying, ‘Zainab, I object! I do not snicker??...anyway sha) and laughed and told the angels surrounding Him…can someone please tell her not to bother wasting her time, and to use the time for something more productive, like asking Me how the day will go??
Well, Superwoman sent off several text messages, shot off emails, and planned to be at work real early to set machineries in motion. Out I rushed at 6am, denying one sister a little more sleep because she needed a ride with me, refusing to drop the other off at work, where she arrived soaked in rain! (oops, sorry), and then, I (in fact, let me not tell you the errors I discovered on my person when I finally arrived).
First, my password refused to work! The very password that I changed and used on Friday! Refused to connect!!! So I sat for the next one and half hours waiting for this problem to be fixed! When that was eventually done, I started to work on this project but in the middle of it, another solution occurred to me, so I called and went for that option (thank God I did that oh). The person working on the approvals for my project suddenly became unavailable! What happened?? I saw and spoke to you just now ke!  She had an emergency and had left the office! The other person who was to send me something critical suddenly let me know that she couldn’t because she was too tied up in the office, until the following day (today)…please remember (or didn’t I say? That I was working with a deadline of 3pm, on Monday afternoon). At this point, my panic knew no bounds. In fact eh, at this point I should just cut this story short (in keeping with me writing short blogs), not a single one of the plans I carefully put in place worked. BUT, all through Sunday, I know I kept committing the day into God’s hands, ‘let everything work for my good’…you know, the usual selfish scriptures…and I remember specifically asking that by the time Iaid my head on my pillow that night, let me have had a good, fruitful day! Oh well, I did have a fruitful day, but not in the sense of accomplishing all those plans. Nothing went the way it did, however, there were no negative consequences; the deadline did not hurt me, in fact, God worked out the only part that needed to be worked, I guess.
Moral of the story? FORGET about planning the details of your life and just hand it over to Him whom you know knows better because He already sees the end of this thing that you have no clue about!
So, I laid me down and I slept, with absolutely no plans, not a single small one for today! I simply spoke to the dawn to cause all things to work together for my good, behaved myself and quietly left home.
So here I sit, waiting for things to play out…but, my eyes are on Him and I have expectation of a good end, as promised. JJ
Could you please take a cue and not waste your time planning every tiny little detail? Biko. Did the bible not say that 'the wind blows, no one knows where it is listed?' (rolling eyes)
And be free oh. Eh hen.


  1. lol...i lykeee da way u write Zain! nice 1....Hweva, abeg peeps still go ahead n plan but leave rm 4 wateva curves may be thrown ur way, atferall we make budgets b4 spendin, shey? Hw else can we make hay while d sun shines witout plannin? In d end, evrythin wrks 2geda 4 gud....so take each day/moment as dey cme n kip lol.....-Harwaylay

  2. Hahahaha...Awe, thanks o.
    However, the idea is not NOT to plan, but it is to realise that 'of ourselves we can do nothing'. Someone knows the end from the beginning, why not hand over the planning to Him and walk with Him? Thats the idea...and even makes life easier gan. Being finicky enough to plan out to the tiniest details must no be normal! :-)
    In any case, I don learn.


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