Tuesday, March 13

Then and Now

After discovering those journals and diaries I wrote about in the last post, swamped with memories and a driving need to put faces to some, I went searching for pictures…into the big wooden box I dug and unearthed…you cannot believe the photos…some must NEVER, ever see the light of day! My sister and I had such a good laugh, omg.

In that endless depths of knickknacks,  I found so many  photos of me with various hairstyles (sorry, but I doubt we would ever hear the last of Zouzou’s head) natural hair, weave on, wig, braids etc etc. So I uploaded one (see below) as my BB display picture.…you can best imagine the number of comments that came in! I couldn’t believe people actually thought I was born this way, without hair?!  Comments such as ‘see Zainab with hair!’ ‘Zee, you get hair?!”…so I uploaded a lot more. Finally, I uploaded one (above) which I have now sworn would remain on the BB display forever! #Vanity. No one could guess my age, not one person came close….mid-teens, late teens, mid-twenties…hmm, I was 37, it was taken shortly before I went ‘ashorn.’

Natural hair!!!!

After all the back and forth, the consensus seem to be ‘we prefer you with hair’…imagine?! I was positively shocked and felt betrayed *sniff* Everyone who had said I looked good suddenly had a change of mind. #Offended!

I am sorry to disappoint you all, because you will have to wait a while (I cant honestly tell you how long) as I do not feel the tiniest need or desire to go back just yet. Cant you imagine the freedom I have found? Cant you? Try, remove the time, resources and drama it took you to arrive at what you are presently carrying as your hairstyle....I really must have suffered trauma back then.

My friend, Nike is very unpredictable, you would never guess what look she is sporting the next time you run into her. She has been going back and forth between having her hair cut and grown for a bit longer than I have had mine cut.…she suggested I do the same, but….hmmmm,  naaaa….I think not!

Do you think you would ever have your hair cut, if only to be adventurous?



  1. *touching my hair* emmm, i dont think so.
    ure rocking the bald look

    1. Loool! Luciano, chicken! Anyway, please rock yours too, the idea is to 'be free oh!'

  2. DNW says:
    I cannot tell you how happy I was to finally put a face to your vibe Zee. It made my day and am sure has helped in ways I wont get into as I hate to give press to the devil. Wow! Since I have never seen you 'pre or post shorn' I am not in that much of a shock but i must say I do love you with hair but I love you without the hair too. I did go 'shorn' (yes you can tell I have taken up a new word today!) once. It was under the anonymity that being a little English village provides. I thought it rocked but my kids? Not. I did it while they were in school and when I went to pick them up, when they walked out and saw me, the both burst into tears! Lol!
    You do not need Tyra banks to tell you that you are NOT the next top model after that! Lol!

    But still, am truly considering it again....they are way bigger now so hopefully they will hold back their tears. Lol!

    1. Loooool! Poor kids! Haba.
      I am sure your hair is the least of their problem now....mum, please do whatever you want, they are saying. *big grin*

  3. You look great with or without hair. As you know I have a low cut now, grown from quite low though. I'm thinking of going back to the shortish look :)

  4. Mehn! The joy of being able to do whatever we want! Woohoo! Freedom! Enjoy, Myne

  5. Presently, I have sworn off all chemical treatments on my hair. My hair is as natural as it was before the dreaded year 1986, when I put chemicals on my hair for the first time in my life, because my 'best friend' in boarding school dashed me lice while we both lay on my bed and we were blissfully gisting away our little girl fantasies as secondary school girls...lol...and she knew she had it but she felt as a best friend I ought to have what she had.

    Anyway, I haven't had the nerve to go bald and I am still hiding my head in wigs and weaves, but I am working the nerve to just go afro natural. Someday I'll get there...lol


    Mary (Omo Jesu)


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