Tuesday, December 6

My 'Smile' Moments

This is one blog post that had more titles than the post itself. I just had to restrain and restrict myself to this simple one.

So, here we are at the end of yet another year, season and time. Almost at the end of the 365 days that began only yesterday. As sure as there are regrets and unfulfilled dreams, so are there moments which, no matter how small or how few and far in between that make us smile. I recall a few. One of them is my chime, the thought of which makes me smile secretly.

I had wanted a chime for the longest time and when I finally stumbled on one it had to have a teacup, no less. I mean, for someone who actually likes tea, it was the perfect thing. 
But on the day that we put it up, there was no breeze! I got really worked up because all I wanted was for it to immediately begin to chime! Back and forth the window I went, peeking through, and wondering if we had hung it right. Maybe they aren’t aligned such that the tiniest sound can come through? I wondered why tonight of all nights there was no breeze, gentle or otherwise. I wasn’t going to go to sleep that night without hearing that thing! But finally, I did. Gently, quietly, those pretty, slim, pink cylinders came together in the sweetest sound I have ever heard, and I smiled so hugely, and the thought that popped in my head was ‘that is the promised sound!’ That is exactly what the chime is meant to do. No matter what part of the house I am in, I can always hear that very pleasing twink twink however faint, and it never ceases to amaze me.

Finding those moments, making those sweet memories out of the small things and not necessarily waiting for the big ones, is important. And so, The Chime, which I have named The Sound of Promise, as well as my little Christmas tree, are a few of my favourite things. They automatically provoke a smile, and are a constant reminder that no matter what is going on, when the time is right…the time is right.

And just last night, I was remarking to someone that I hadn't heard that twink twink in a while, and right on cue....there it was. :-)

What are your ‘smile’ moments? If for some reasons you have none, create them and ….

…be free oh.

Photo Credit: Me.

Thursday, November 24

Thankful (yeah, that word!)

And today is Thanksgiving in America. What a coincidence! Well...

While it is a good thing to be consistent in these things, I want to believe that our giving of thanks, and this has nothing to do with religion specifically, is not something that we reserve for a special day. That it becomes special only because we want to be elaborate about the things we are thankful for and the reasons behind them.

In this year alone, so much has happened. In fact, sometimes we think we have seen it all, then even more horrific happens and we wonder. So much has gone down in this year alone; from continents, to nations, to homes, and individual lives. But, are we hopeful for a better next year? Oh absolutely. Surely we must keep hope alive? And we should be thankful that in spite of all that has happened we are still here to recount the tale.

I therefore hope that our giving of thanks has not become a routine, like saying ‘thank you’ out of politeness, not necessarily because we are truly grateful for something that someone has done even if it was a service we paid for. I hope that our giving of thanks does not become decades-old tradition that has somehow lost its true meaning, but which we carry on because, well, we just must. That today (and tomorrow, and always) we will make a deliberate effort to muse on gratitude, for things that we have, who we are, even for those events that have unfolded or that are unfolding, including those that do not seem to be in our best interest. I hope that thanksgiving will become something we are deliberate and consistent about...daily!

Be free oh. And thank you for reading.