Monday, November 25

Have You Lost Your 'Voice?'

We all know that cold is a common illness. And much like anyone else, I have had it countless times over the years, and have lost my voice too once or twice in the past. But a few weeks ago, I had it bad; the voice left for almost a week!

I didn't know what had happened; I mean, it was just a cold, as usual. Bu the strange thing about it this time is that I didn't really have a running nose, my voice just disappeared for no reason. I did everything one would normally do with a cold, but nothing worked.

So in order not to strain the (lack) of voice further; I hid in my room when I was home, praying no one talks to me; when the phone rang, I texted back my predicament and the inability to speak, I mean, if emails were a voice; my signature would have included 'forgive the silence, voice gone!' But it was not a funny experience.

I learnt two things during the course of the cold; I understood (this time) what a really horrible thing it is not to have your voice; you got even more frustrated with your inability to speak, the only person who understood and avoided speaking with me was my boss! Everyone else still wanted me to explain what had happened! It got so bad that I seriously considered putting a sign on my forehead that said ‘DO NOT TALK TO ME PLEASE’ when I heard footsteps coming toward my desk; to no avail.

The second (good) thing I learnt was that it is okay to not be your usual self sometimes. I had an outing with my women group that I really didn't want to miss. We had a memorable 3 hours of fun without me voicing a word and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't feel out of place; but they were vocal enough about the many reasons why I could have lost my voice just to provoke me to yell but it didn't work! It felt great to listen and enjoy others talk, and to smile and laugh at their jokes, completely confident that because I lacked something for the moment does not make me any less of a person, or any less special.

So, it may be your voice, but then again, it may not..whatever it is, depending on how to you look at it, it is just for a 'moment' and does not necessarily have to define the real you.

Be free oh.


  1. Only for a moment.......

    Being Free is so freeing.......

    Trust you are 'voice' full now oh!

  2. Oops!!! that was fast! I was just clicking on your bog to read that paraphrasing thingy when this popped m'en vais quandmeme!
    Am free ooh...the voice returned!

  3. As I read am just imagining u in all that outings not talking, is not funny @all, loosing ur voice can be frostraing, thank God u ar better now.


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