Thursday, November 28

What I Want for Christmas

I had been thinking lately of what I wanted for Christmas; not a serious and all-consuming thought, but it flipped through my mind to expect to get something (either from myself or others). And while I planned to blog about it, the entire thoughts hadn't yet formed in my head.

However, as I drove to work this morning, I saw this woman with a baby strapped on her back sitting on a culvert by the gutter with a bag of possibly her entire worldly possession, sitting by her side. She was sleeping with her head on her laps and I thought, oh my goodness, she is homeless and spent the night right where she is!

I actually stopped and sat in my car for a few minutes just staring, and thinking she must not be comfortable (really?! duh) in that position, and that the baby is going to want to eat as soon as she wakes up. They both need food, a hot bath and proper sleep. Who would help this woman get out of this situation in order to have her life back on track?
Needless to say, sympathetic though I was, I drove off to work without meeting at least some of her needs. Now, I am thinking that compared to what I just saw, I am entirely fine and have no immediate needs!

While it is a tradition at Christmas, to exchange gifts, (usually) amongst ourselves, gorge ourselves with food, and make elaborate plans that revolve (yet again) around ourselves, there are so many of this woman out there who need so little just to get by.  Rather than be consumed by the thoughts of what I want for Christmas, how about being consumed with thoughts of exactly who to help instead? And while we are at it,  not to let ourselves be made to feel guilty that we are not giving gifts to those who usually expect them from us.

Honestly, it is okay to deprive yourself of things for the sake of others. I know there are people who would never get this; it is unimaginable to them to give anything away when they do not have ‘enough', but it is okay.

I know this is an obvious post around this ‘season’, but I want to believe this particular one is not; I am only asking that for once in your life; do something out of the ordinary…for someone other than yourself; for once.

Rather than ‘what do I want for Christmas,’ why not ‘what should I give away for Christmas?’

And in fact, why wait until Christmas?

Be free oh.

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