Monday, November 11

Those 'Down' Moments

Do you ever find yourself sometimes dwelling more on your weaknesses rather than your strengths? Dogged by your failings, or what you consider your failings? I do occasionally find myself in this situation.

It is true that people see us different from how we see ourselves, and when we are commended, we feel like frauds, probably because we do not really believe that much in ourselves or possibly because we have become experts at hiding our real selves from the world.
Our constant need to put ourselves down because we do not feel as smart, as intelligent, as beautiful, as good looking or as well-dressed as the other person should give us cause for concern! Tipping the scale in favour of our insecurities rather than our strength is not to be allowed!
We forget to be appreciative of our strength of character, our ability to rise above, our sense of judgement, our creativity, our ability to remain positive in the face of challenges, our zest for life and indeed everything else we have, and are by the grace of God. Clothes, education, marriage, children, career, relationships etc have become the parameters with which we measure our self worth; surely we are not failures or weaklings just because we lack any of these things?

I agree we need to take conscious steps to be better in the areas of our weaknesses rather than waste time feeling sorry for ourselves because we are threatened by other people's capabilities. And we must needs (to use Bible language) celebrate the areas of our strengths, and stop behaving like total failures. The truth is, we all have those moments when we allow ourselves to feel down because like that old school song rightly says, 'everybody wants to be somebody else!' 

Keep your head high and be celebratory; you are not worth-less, despite and in spite of your (considered) failings. 

Be free oh. 


  1. Zee just what I needed. I have been blessed by two ladies called Zainab this morning. Of a truth everything na double double


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