Monday, February 3

What do you Smell Like?

Nope, I am not here to talk about body odour! But about candles.

I don’t know about you, but I love candles, especially the scented ones. They give me that feeling of well-being and of comfort and relaxation. I just love how the flickering that gives the house that soft glow; I revel in it.

Scented as these candles are though, I recently learnt that when you blow them out, the candles smell extremely bad! Can you imagine the departure from sweet-smelling to suddenly obnoxious; something you can hardly stand?

Before I learnt the right way to put them off (pinch the wick between two wet fingers is one way), I had taken to moving them into the bathroom; hold my breath, blow them out, then quickly shut the door so the air elsewhere in the house is not polluted.

It occurred to me that such is our lives sometimes. The most loving, lovable and pleasant person can become obnoxious with just one negative action. The bible tells me that I smell like the field that the Lord has blessed. My bad days, my mauvaise humeur (bad moods), while I may feel entitled to them sometimes, should be locked up around my personal corner; I should not inflict and impose them upon other people or those around me. I have no right to represent my Father to them in that light, I ought to be the candle that sheds light and exudes a sweet smell that others can take delight in... No one should want to lock me up to avoid that bad smell and smoky feeling that comes forth when my 'lights are extinguished.'

This smell is not something any perfume or fragrance in the world can give you; it is something that comes form your inner make-up. The candle wax must have ingredients in it that causes that foul smell. It is therefore up to me to understand what 'ingredients' make me who I am and to determine to utilize them to the full and for good; I am not put together to repel; my words are meant to be seasoned with salt, and I am meant to be the light in more ways than one. 

I felt so bad when I realized that my much-loved candles actually have it in them to smell that...hideously! 

What do you smell like o??

Be free oh!


  1. Replies
    1. Na God work...there are lessons in our everyday wakabout

  2. I pray I smell clean and fresh and cleansing like the Ocean, Like Salt. I actually thought all candles did that.....not just the scented ones....I tend to keep my 'cloudy moments' to myself .....or if I must be around people I ask the sweet fragrance of God's Spirit to mask any 'fumes' that might try to sneak out...

    That being said, we need to have people we can be 'smelly' with cos sometimes you can get back your fragrance alone.....We need people to be Free with...Abi?

    1. Be gan ni...we do need them..
      lol @ fumes sneaking!!!!.

    2. In see the mention of 'salt?!' These are extremely important ingredient to have in going about the father's business oh!

    3. I saw it. I notice that word when I am reading anything.....just like before I used to always pay attention when people used the word 'desperate'. *smiling*. Salt is a much better word....Much.

  3. i pray i smell clean and fresh. It is not until you talked about how badly these scented candles smell when turned of that it actually dawned on me. Thank you for these words.


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