Wednesday, December 11

Our Next Steps

So, the end of the year has come.

But we all know that ‘end’ is subjective. For some people the end is the beginning. However you chose to define it, a significant change is taking place.
Not to ramble, but whether the year is ending, or just beginning for you, what is the next step? What are the next plans? What is in the offing? Where are we headed? What’s new? What is about to change? And is it for good or for bad?

No matter what our next steps are, it would be great if they could include selflessness. Yes, the giving of self, resources, time. Being involved in change and making it one of our lives’ missions; to be physically and consciously involved in causes that would bring about change.
We are not talking sacrifices from the high level, oh no. We start small, incredibly small, but consistently so, and together our impact will be felt.

Most of the editions of Forbes magazines I have read this year featured rich entrepreneurs who are now giving away their money; either through charity foundations, or via jobs, and no matter who they are, or of what race, religious beliefs, gender etc, they are making an impact. You may not be rich, own a talk show or be a star, but you and I do have something that the other person needs. Let us identify and share it.

Let us together, show up for life…

Be free oh.

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