Tuesday, November 5

Enjoy the Moment

We  moved into a new place a few  months ago and as it is with new houses (at least here in Nigeria), you spend more money fixing supposedly new things.

So, in this new place, in addition to many other things, we encountered bad shower drain; the bath water gathers on the floor after each shower, such that it was a serious mopping process after each use.

But it got fixed; it took almost the entire day because the plumber had to remove the entire tub, but, the problem was fixed.

However, for several weeks after that I couldn't bring myself to let go and enjoy a bath; I was always on tenterhooks, mop on standby because I expected the water to gather as usual...That went on for weeks until it occurred to me that I am so consumed with the problem that I cannot allow myself to enjoy the solution.

Even when God blesses us, we find it difficult to accept that a problem that big in our sight could have been solved that 'easily.'

Seeing that we already exist in a world that is so fast-pace it leaves us no opportunity to enjoy the little things and the experiences of life that we encounter daily, one would think we would be more determined to enjoy the moment, but no, the reverse is actually the case.

Well, I have learnt my lesson and have since removed my gaze from the floor of my bathroom, and concentrated on enjoying a well-deserved bath; secure in the knowledge that my problem have been solved and I have no reason to dwell on them!

It may be a bath, but then again, it may not be. Learn to enjoy the moment oh.

Be free oh!

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