Tuesday, September 3


Have you ever tried to break a habit? If you have, I am sure you would say it is not the same as what we read in books...it takes much more.

A few nights ago, I stayed awake till about 2am watching, no you could never guess; the TV series 24 . I mean, I did go crazy all those years ago when 24 was showing; same as most people out there. I watched all night, went to work the next day, prayed the day passes quickly so I can rush back home; the living room was my stop, I would put on the DVD and watch all night and prepare to go to work again the next morning. It was a vicious circle and I marveled at how I didn't collapse from lack of sleep and exhaustion. Absolute madness.

But I weaned myself. I came out of that experience vowing that I would never, ever be that way about any movie. I tried, because as I write, I chose what movie I watch, and I do it on my own terms, so much so that I have yet to even see the concluding part of 24, oh yeah. I weaned myself.

But how come I now stayed glued to the same 24 I had already seen, and so long after my vow? It’s a break in habit.

Last year, I made a decision to break away from the (bad and very unladylike) habit of peeling at my lips! (Yeah, it's out there in the open now). Tough and difficult as it was, I willed myself, and I counted the days as per the books. 21 days came and went and I resisted the urge to peel. However, fast forward a few months down the line, I found my fingers straying to my lips, and gradually I realized that I was back to square one...the dog had gone back to its vomit. 

So, hanging out with 24 when I should have been sleeping, I asked myself just what it takes to be disciplined enough to not do what you have promised yourself you wouldn't do, and with such good intentions. But I refuse to be daunted. I have decided to re-approach this matter, but my strategy would be to take one day at a time (surely this should work!). Hopefully I shall discover one morning after the passage of time that a habit seem to have been completely broken! 

Do you think I am dreaming? :-) (I mean, I am still unable to do the 6 - 8 glasses of water a day!)

Be Free oh.

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