Wednesday, August 7

Going Back (Again)

I was pondering on which of my drafts to post but I didn't think that any of them was right for this ‘moment’. You know how people tend to write on things that preoccupy them.

But this morning, I knew I wanted to talk about goals, passion, and dreams. (An obvious and much-talked about issue but hey, humour me.

What am I doing at the moment? I feel that I am missing on things that I need to be doing; my past posts on back to the drawing board came back to me. I asked myself (again) what my dreams and interests were, and which ones have I abandoned and why?? Where did the passion for all things go? What is occupying my time? Am I disillusioned?

Then I walked right into (Black Men United) Tevin Campbell’s ‘You will know’ track, (you know how I love my music and how I am interested in the words) and then almost immediately after, fell into Tyler Perry’s post about small goals and I sighed. Again. These challenges are not peculiar to a certain few; everyone experiences periods of discouragement, tiredness, disillusionment etc, but what should keep us going?  Shouldn't we always want to do things if they are things we enjoy?? 

If Tevin was singing such words way, way back, when life hadn't happened, when distractions in form of social media had not taken over, then our work is definitely cut out for us today. However, despite and in spite of; I want to be determined to stick to at least one dream at a time, and to realize it. As long as I wake up each morning, and as long as I get the discomfort of not living up to something, and for as long as I try to get back to them, I shall be fine! That for me, is a step in the right direction.
I read a tweet by @ChristineCaine that made me laugh: ‘you can’t always have to take the next hill…only the next step!’ Petit a petit...step by (tiny) step, surely we will get there.

And by way of an aside…I have deactivated my FB page, and waiting for it to be deleted…whatever Mark Zuckerberg’s definition of ‘delete’ is…I fear they will have all my stuff stored somewhere even if we all pretend I have downloaded and ‘deleted’ them all! I am free sha!

What are you doing? What have you abandoned?? What is so 'small' to bother about?? Lets go back, again.

(Re)dream, de-clutter, live again.

Be free oh.

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