Monday, September 9

Put Your Feet Up oh!

Having worked hard all day, driven (most likely and very possibly) in some bad traffic, you would think that when we arrived home we would take it easy. Oh no! We immediately jump into some other tasks waiting to be completed; start dinner, straighten the room, if we were unable to do so in the morning rush, set out the outfit for the morrow, and a million other things just waiting to be done…

 It seem to me that there be one too many recurring circles in our daily lives. Taking time out to rest is almost a taboo; unthinkable. It brings a feeling of guilt!
Let’s start with an example: I was a short holiday trip recently with a friend. Part of the plan for the day was to have a nap, and afterwards go for a walk. My friend got into bed and slept off. I tried but I couldn't readily fall asleep, so I jumped on my phone and went trolling online.

When I realized what I was doing, I put away the phone and tried to sleep. I could not. But do you know what I did? I told myself to lie in bed really just rest. As much as my mind whispered all the things I could achieve while I laid there doing nothing, I did not budge. For 2 hours. Not sleeping, but doing nothing either.

This struggle is much the same for many of people. We deny ourselves of rest, because we feel guilty about the other things that ‘will suffer.’

Have you ever looked up the definition of ‘rest?’ Please do so.

I tried it when I got home: sit in my  lounging chair for at least half an hour to give room for the body to refresh before I delve into those other things, and I can tell you, I fail woefully! I am still trying.  We have to cultivate the habit of deliberately making time to rest. Sit down, enjoy a drink, have a cup of tea, stare at the moon (where you can find it) listen to birds chirping (where possible, in this Lagos!) listen to the sound of running water, feel the effect of the dawn (oh well, you get my point), just sit down and do nothing. For 10 minutes.

Put your feet up.

Be free oh!

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  1. U ar completely right, It gat me thinking on when last I had a good rest without the noice around me, thanks for reminding me aunty zee.


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