Friday, February 15

...These Customs

Goldie, (Nigerian musician) died last night.  

One would say what a day to die, but is there any good day to die? Young, vibrant and  successful she was.  But she just...died!  And ‘after a brief illness.’ I have always wondered how that justifies anything.  Whether serious, long or brief, someone died! 

So, because she was young, this is unexpected (as any death is) and so we are all shocked. I just had a brief chat with a colleague; she had sent out  broadcast to wish her contacts a good  weekend; I responded that she ought to show this love in kind, and that she had better think about it because I could die tomorrow for all she knows and then she would be really sorry. She replied with a 'God forbid!!!’ Her broadcast reminded me again of all the ones I had received from yesterday until this morning, on love and death. That  gave birth to this muse.

Why do we begin to soberly reflect only after something has happened? The entire social media become agog, everyone talks about it, then after a while it is all gone? Why are we only gingered by customs or traditions, some of which comes up only once in a while? I mean, values should be a part of our lives, a daily, constant  occurrence right?

My colleague is not the only one who would have responded the way she did, I would have done the same myself. However, whether we like or accept it or not, death is certain; it mostly never announces itself, it respects no one. Why are we then afraid of it and shocked when it happens? I concede that we are human, and must never lose our emotions and the ability to actually feel. But I do not want to need the shock of it to be jolting into a sober reflection of life, to forgiving those who have offended me, and me asking to be forgiven. I want to understand the inevitability of death, accept it and not let its fear rule me.

I found some sort of peace and clarity the day I heard someone say: 'death does not shock God, He doesn’t see it the way we do, as far as He is concerned, it’s the stepping out of one door and into another'. This freed me in some way, especially since we not only lost our mother, but our her entire siblings and our older brother, almost at a go! Sometimes I think, what more can happen?

It is sad that this young lady has left us, but 'these things happen for our examples', the Bible says.

Love God, love people, love life; be free.

Be Free Oh.

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