Wednesday, February 20

Hitting the 'Publish' Button

All I want to do is  pose a question to people who write, and that means just about everyone! You do a minimum of emails don't you?

I wonder, and would really like to know: what goes through your mind each time you write, and are about to hit that key that sends your work into cyber space and as far as the ends of the world, (as long as the internet exist there). What?

I sometimes muse on whether I want to put whatever it is I am writing out there, whether it will mean something to someone, will anyone learn a lesson from it? Will it make someone smile or even laught? Does it make sense to someone? Will it bring pleasure to whoever reads it?! What happens when it lands on their device, or they stumble on it some place?

I pray about my posts, because it is serious business for me, and secondly because I dont believe there is any point wasting time sharing stuff if all its going to do is hit a blank wall. I rather do it for my own pleasure anyway.

What is your last thought before your hit 'publish' or 'send,' whatever the case may be. 

Pray, share.

Be Free oh.

Picture credit: Emily I couldnt find a more apt picture, and it came right on time!


  1. The things I always consider before I hit the publish button are have a proof read it, checked for errors, deleted bits not meant to be seen, copied the right persons, said the right things and can defend it etc cos published documents act as evidence forever and can travel further than u imagined. If only people know their bb chats are not reserved for the two chatting! It can copied and shared with d world!

    In a nutshell I read and read bEfore I press send and most times I have failed to do so it has caused me embarrassment. The story of life! Look well before you leap, think before you speak.
    It can save the day


  2. I do a spell check and a flow check. Then I pray over it and send it off trusting God to have his way EVEN though I still spot an error somewhere AFTER I publish! Lol!


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