Wednesday, January 16

I Used To...

I hope Aderonke ( will forgive me for this.
However, Aderonke, I am sure you are going to take this from another (love?) perspective entirely!

Introductions were going on at the first edition of Be Free With Zouzou for the year a few days ago and quite a number of those present, when asked what they did for fun, started with, 'I used to' do this and do that. We were all astonished to say the least! What happened to us that we stopped doing things that were fun?! How do you even survive in Lagos if you cannot find something fun to do, if only to get away from all the craziness? How do you keep sane? Seriously, I would like to know.

And so we asked ourselves what the reasons were for not continuing in those things; funny enough, a few people were clueless as to why exactly, while others said 'there is no time.' Hmm. Did we get married? No. Did we have children, possibly twins? No. Did workload increase in the Office? No. Are we travelling more than ever before, work wise? No. So what gives?

We concluded that everything in life requires discipline, and a deliberate effort. To go see a movie, to exercise, to go out and have an unrestrained evening of laughter with friends, to go to dinner alone, need discipline; a consciousness, a deliberate-ness, and I might add, extra doggedness! The easiest thing to do is to decide not to do. I can't move, I am too tired, oh no, not today, I cant make! All excuses.

I don't know what you used to do that you have stopped doing (we are, of course, talking about those things that contribute to our well-being) but I encourage you to bring them out, dust them off, have a look at them, and get them back on the burner. We should not have those 'I used to....' statements deny us of the escape we do so need to have an overall and complete feeling of well-being (in a crazy world no less). 

I used to go to the movies oh! I used to try, yes TRY to drink lots of water (yes, this water business)! I used to read even much more than I do now,  and so many other things I have let go.

I recently decided that a read-a-thon is in order; a reading vigil if you like. 

Challenging myself and you dear readers. #Getbackontrack.

Be Free Oh.


  1. Zeee I love the way we hang out and the way we have resolved that anyone who is available should join and it has always worked!!!

    My advice to 'BE FREE' is don't let other peoples time and schedule spoil your fun...include all but keep the appointment!


    1. Millie!!

      I just looove your advice to BE FREE! Gbam is the word!Dont let others spoil your fun. :-)

  2. I am doing just as you said Zee. I used to walk alot. Last yeat I walked a little. I am back to walking at least 4 times a week whether or whatern't. If it is too late, I drag my mgm to protect me. Lol! I used to go for at least one mid week service. I tried to revive that sometime last year. It did not last. IT MUST last in 2013. Even if I have to attend it at any chruch near my house if I close late. There are more 'used to dos' and a number of 'never done well but must be dones' in 2013 on my plate. May God give us all the grace to be consistet this year. At the end of the day, it is for our own good in th elong run. And it is all part of taking care of God's property inside and out. I am being free o!

    1. In fact eh1 You just have a way with words!!!!


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