Monday, January 7

What is Your Word Worth?

I ask the question above because, really, sometimes our words mean nothing. They are so meaningless (‘worthless’ suddenly sounds too strong, but hey, that’s really it!) that people roll their eyes and snicker as soon as we are done making (yet another) promise. So, can we be trusted to keep our word, or to even try to?

I am reminded of something that happened a while ago, it made me question why I thought I shouldn't be trusted to keep my word. I had stopped to get fuel, and while the nozzle was in, reached into my bag for my purse, and lo…nada!  I had left it at home. Now I have to tell the attendant I had no money on me. Yeah, right!  I felt so embarrassed. Well, I summoned up the courage to tell him I forgot my purse at home and that  I have to go get it, and the only thing I can leave to guarantee my return is my phone (and it was not even a nice blackberry). He looked at me for a minute, considered and agreed but said that he would be responsible for paying if I did not return…and added that there was no need to leave my phone.

Well, I was shocked that he let me go just like that, even though halfheartedly, I mean, he may well not be expecting me to return! I drove away in astonishment. But then it occurred to me that he really ought to trust me! Why shouldn’t he? I should expect to be trusted when I speak; I should exude ‘genuineness’. That really ought to be my DNA , but alas!

This all came back to me this morning, when I heard someone recounting her experience where, upon getting on a bus she realized that she had no money to pay the fare. If you live in Lagos, you will agree that that is an experience you want to live without because you do not want to cross a Lagos bus conductor. 

Have you ever had any such experience? How did you get out of it? Remember how we always joked about washing plates at a restaurant, in case we are unable to foot the bill? Has that ever happened to anyone??

So can you say that your word is worth something, anything? I have a friend who, whenever he tells me he would call, I dont even let it register. He never does! No one is perfect, of course but we could just try. Let it be said that we tried. At least.  

Be free oh.


  1. It is becoming a paranormal matter how synchronised are thoughts have been lately *finger on cheek in wonderment*. The first blog I wanted to do this 2013 is titled - Just Shut Up! And I think I will still do it and then you will see how it sort of meshes into yours.

    The other day I was on a call with a relatively newish friend and had to take another call. I told her I would call her right back. And I did. She said 'Wow, I notice you always keep your word. You called back'. I was more like'why is that a surprise to you? THAT is how I should be and just like you expect me to see with my eyes and hear with my ears, I must be the sort whose word is her bond.....N'est-ce pas?

    But alas sometimes we do speak without thinking (when 'I will call you back is just another way to end a call') and make promises that we don't have the crystal ball to see into to help us know for sure if said promise will be doable in the end. So, as I thought about it and asked God how to be better, he simply said to me, 'Salt, Just Shut Up!' Don't talk. Just act!

    That way, the things that come out of your mouth(which will now be fewer)will be well thought through.....valuable....worth more.....

    Bottom line, if you must speak, think first...or just shut up o! Lol!

  2. Something about 'words' these days.
    ...and, I have given up on wondering how our thoughts seem to synchronize!
    Looking forward to the blog, Just Shut Up, Biko.

    Happy new year!


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