Wednesday, January 16

I Used To...

I hope Aderonke ( will forgive me for this.
However, Aderonke, I am sure you are going to take this from another (love?) perspective entirely!

Introductions were going on at the first edition of Be Free With Zouzou for the year a few days ago and quite a number of those present, when asked what they did for fun, started with, 'I used to' do this and do that. We were all astonished to say the least! What happened to us that we stopped doing things that were fun?! How do you even survive in Lagos if you cannot find something fun to do, if only to get away from all the craziness? How do you keep sane? Seriously, I would like to know.

And so we asked ourselves what the reasons were for not continuing in those things; funny enough, a few people were clueless as to why exactly, while others said 'there is no time.' Hmm. Did we get married? No. Did we have children, possibly twins? No. Did workload increase in the Office? No. Are we travelling more than ever before, work wise? No. So what gives?

We concluded that everything in life requires discipline, and a deliberate effort. To go see a movie, to exercise, to go out and have an unrestrained evening of laughter with friends, to go to dinner alone, need discipline; a consciousness, a deliberate-ness, and I might add, extra doggedness! The easiest thing to do is to decide not to do. I can't move, I am too tired, oh no, not today, I cant make! All excuses.

I don't know what you used to do that you have stopped doing (we are, of course, talking about those things that contribute to our well-being) but I encourage you to bring them out, dust them off, have a look at them, and get them back on the burner. We should not have those 'I used to....' statements deny us of the escape we do so need to have an overall and complete feeling of well-being (in a crazy world no less). 

I used to go to the movies oh! I used to try, yes TRY to drink lots of water (yes, this water business)! I used to read even much more than I do now,  and so many other things I have let go.

I recently decided that a read-a-thon is in order; a reading vigil if you like. 

Challenging myself and you dear readers. #Getbackontrack.

Be Free Oh.

Monday, January 7

What is Your Word Worth?

I ask the question above because, really, sometimes our words mean nothing. They are so meaningless (‘worthless’ suddenly sounds too strong, but hey, that’s really it!) that people roll their eyes and snicker as soon as we are done making (yet another) promise. So, can we be trusted to keep our word, or to even try to?

I am reminded of something that happened a while ago, it made me question why I thought I shouldn't be trusted to keep my word. I had stopped to get fuel, and while the nozzle was in, reached into my bag for my purse, and lo…nada!  I had left it at home. Now I have to tell the attendant I had no money on me. Yeah, right!  I felt so embarrassed. Well, I summoned up the courage to tell him I forgot my purse at home and that  I have to go get it, and the only thing I can leave to guarantee my return is my phone (and it was not even a nice blackberry). He looked at me for a minute, considered and agreed but said that he would be responsible for paying if I did not return…and added that there was no need to leave my phone.

Well, I was shocked that he let me go just like that, even though halfheartedly, I mean, he may well not be expecting me to return! I drove away in astonishment. But then it occurred to me that he really ought to trust me! Why shouldn’t he? I should expect to be trusted when I speak; I should exude ‘genuineness’. That really ought to be my DNA , but alas!

This all came back to me this morning, when I heard someone recounting her experience where, upon getting on a bus she realized that she had no money to pay the fare. If you live in Lagos, you will agree that that is an experience you want to live without because you do not want to cross a Lagos bus conductor. 

Have you ever had any such experience? How did you get out of it? Remember how we always joked about washing plates at a restaurant, in case we are unable to foot the bill? Has that ever happened to anyone??

So can you say that your word is worth something, anything? I have a friend who, whenever he tells me he would call, I dont even let it register. He never does! No one is perfect, of course but we could just try. Let it be said that we tried. At least.  

Be free oh.

Wednesday, January 2

Back To The Drawing Board

It is already day 2 in 2013! Seriously, people, the year begins to run!

Jan 1: I woke  into a very dry harmattan-ic morning! What a big and welcome development considering the heat has been, oh yes, murder!

Thoroughly lethargic and befuddle with sleep all day, I was too weak to get up to anything other than squeeze in some reading and entertaining a few very good thoughts that flitted through my mind. (By the way, knowing how I read more than one book at a time, this time, I am concentrating only on A Billion Reasons Why by Kristine Billerbeck). :-)

In keeping with building on the things (projects) I already have going as I mentioned in previous post, I thought it was time to go back to the drawing board, and read between the lines of the vision of all of those projects. I mean, why fail woefully at something you started with such enthusiasm? Why not end it deliberately and gracefully, if you feel there is no going forward with it? Am just saying.

So, I have devised a simple plan: dig thoroughly through my vision and mission for each project, carefully re-strategize, rebrand and/or hit the refresh button where necessary. It is better not to have begun than... So! Look out for report of changes as we muse along, a major one of which is to infuse more life into Zouzousmuses. Thankfully, and I don't know about you, but I have never gotten over the discomfort of going days without blogging a post. Believe me, that is a good thing, it certainly means that my heart is still here. 

Ok! I hope you borrow a leaf from my book (err, muse) and go take a second, third, fourth look at that project you started with such excitement (it doesn't matter what it is, your job, your writings, your blog, you cooking thing, your tweets, your dance thingy, your personal beauty therapy, your weight-loss/gain program, your small business etc) and find a way to bring it (them) back to life. If nothing else, at least try to recall the passion with which you started it. Better to have tried than to allow for a certain and unceremonious death.    

Did you great writers write anything yesterday?? In keeping with writing daily, that is!

Be free oh. 

Want to jump in??