Thursday, December 13

Merry Christmas - Re Blogged

The post I am re-blogging  was written last year December; where did the time go?!
I had decided to read all my posts from the birth of this blog, and I shall be re-blogging quite a number as we tag on. Though I am seriously loath to make changes and edit, I know I shall be sorely tempted to; however, in case you are reading the very first post for instance and something causes you to wince, remember: we have come a long way since then o! Just let things remain in their 'original state' *grin* (I am sure I will change my mind in the future though).

Now, this Merry Christmas post is apt, even if I say so myself, and I don't know if there is anything else to add...a lot of things did happen and they are still happening but what has changed in one year, less a few days, is that I am still breathing, and I have chosen not to take that breath for granted.

So,  I am lining up movies to watch: Grease, Pretty Woman, Maid in Manhattan, I'll Take Manhattan, Enchanted and (who has seen it??) Lace, amongst others. Just imagine me ensconced in my great big bean bag, christmas hat on, smack in front of the TV.

I look forward to hearing your plans for the day/season

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  1. Nice throwback! Went back to read it.
    This year flew by very fast and I feel like I only saw you twice!
    Anyways I'm gate crashing your Christmas day movie fest and I might be bringing another gate crasher with me. Hehehehe!
    Merry Merry Christmas Zouzou!

  2. lol about the re-blogging I think I should go and check mine out as well. Hmm what am I doing this christmas I think I am going to order a season of "meet the adebanjos". When I get it I will give myself a treat. Drop my daughter with her papa for a whole day, go somewhere have Chinese, soda and ice cream for desert while I sit down cross my legs and watch the series all of it.

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