Friday, December 7

Email From Sam Adeyemi

I did not set out to blog anything today; my mind is ‘empty.' But then, Sam Adeyemi emailed me and gbam, it couldn’t have been more relevant! The fact is, the year is ending, and you would remember Zouzousmuses started it by talking about New Year Resolutions? Click here.. I thought this was relevant then, especially as the year draws to an end, and the time to have a look at the score card approaches…err, not sure I am going to go there...water drinking...aaarrrggg.

I hope you something here that speaks to you. I did.

Read on....
Dear Zainab,

In all the years I have spent working with people, and inspiring them to reach out for their dreams and change their lives, I have always taught one thing: You have to set goals for yourself and work towards them.

Now here’s something you may not know.
Most people who set goals never achieve them.
First of all, there are thousands of books and programs on goal setting, each one advocating a different system for doing it.
The result?
Most people study different goal-setting programs, each advocating different ways of doing it. Many times this is counter-productive and you end up being confused.
“So which one do I follow?” You ask yourself.
And you end up doing nothing.
Or like some people do, they simply follow the method advocated by the writer or coach they like better.
Which then lead to another problem.
This problem is . . .
Not knowing if they are reaching their set or not.
The hardest thing to know when you are on the journey of life is to know if you are successfully reaching your goals or not.
Sometimes the pace may be too slow.
Sometimes the road will lead you via a different path.
How do you know if you are successfully succeeding?
I have found you an article titled,
"Dare to Set A Goal"
It's F-R-E-E. And you can simply click the website below NOW to read it.

God bless you.
You will succeed!

Sam Adeyemi
TGIF. God Bless Nigeria. Be free oh!


  1. this is very rewarding as i have bookmarked the page and will be going back to it regularly. thank you for sharing this.


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