Monday, December 31

Enter the New

I don't know about you, but in the last few weeks,  my thoughts have not dwelled  in the literal terms of one year ending, and another beginning. Why? Because I do not want to be wrapped up in the anxiety of 'time is running out and there is still so much left unachieved.' I believe that whatever changes needs to made be made, or at least be put in motion ASAP. After all, God himself dwells in timelessness. So the future, the new year, begins exactly when you propose for it to begin.

In taking stock of the last several months therefore, I realize that my year was indeed a funny one, and not in a hysterical-laughter sense, oh no, more in a I-have-learnt-several-hard-lessons funny. It was a tough several months, one that required, in the majority of time, that I open myself up to shame, and it was in doing that that I found my freedom. Selah!
During the course of the year, some friendships were redefined, others were birthed, some were broken, and not in an I-can't-forgive-you sort of way, but the things-cannot-be-the-same-anymore sort. I learnt that I needed to make hard changes, one that showed me that there is nothing, and no one we cannot live without.  I am also learning to break habits. Yes, habits! Difficult, but doable. I have my eyes on the 21- day mark and I am counting each day almost by the hour; eyes on the prize. Freedom from encumbrances.

Facing forward to the 'new', I wish for the strength to continue to implement the lessons I have learnt, to be better at the things I already have going, to dream some more. To realize that I am the least perfect, to become like a child; innocent in all things, more, have and maintain a positive attitude at all times and give no room, especially, to regret.
All in all, it hasn't been a bad few months; I am still standing after all. And in the words of Stevie Wonder, 'today is the tomorrow you were so worried about.' 

I wish you all the best of whatever you wish yourselves, and for those who write, I challenge you to do so daily! Note I didn't say 'post,' I said, 'write.' 

Have a great 2013.

Be free oh.

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  1. Happy new year. Real food for thought this post. Yes I will write daily. I have started that already even though it is so difficult at times. See you soon.

  2. I'm so looking forward to 2013. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    1. We have entered it o, Myne! Gbam. Let 'it' all begin! Happy New Everything!

  3. Enter the new indeed. For me, entering the new is for once, for the first time not focussing on not just want I want to do but what I do NOT want to do anymore in 2013. And chief among many is regret. I give up on regret. It did nothing for me in 2013 so begone regret! begone! You do not match the fly jacket my sis Zee gives me, my Be free jacket!!!! Thanks Zee for many smiles and laffs out loud in 2012!!! Mwaah!

  4. Ca me fait rire vraiment! I love the part about the thing you do NOT want to do!
    You too made me laff aplenty this year, and for those who do not know, the DNW and I have never met in person, yet we are so bonded! Oh, the love of Christ! Mwuah!


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