Wednesday, July 25

Up and Do! July Report of 'Dos'

You know, I was going to add in the last post, that despite all the horrors going on in the world,  we are still expected to live, and not only live, but live a meaningful and exciting lives! Otherwise, the events around us would instill such paralyzing fear; we would die having achieved no purpose. Ha.
Firmly armed with the determination to so live, I decided to make a deliberate effort to do something exciting with friends this July. And as the ideas popped, I fired off text messages to immediate friends, just so I don’t balk, (you know how easy it is to feel inadequate and discouraged).

So, first idea was a walk on a Saturday morning, something that most people would not normally consider doing…I must say it was greeted with great enthusiasm, well, until I announced it would happen at 7am! Needless to say, the numbers of 'walkers' decreased, but it was worth it, for those who eventually took part.

Secondly we organized a dinner with random friends, an ‘edgy’ sort of outing where conversations on love, life, career, God, relationships etc abound. The dress code here was 'that get up you have been dying to put on.' Well, I appeared in...not a dinner dress, (I wore three-quaters black tailored pants, white shirt, Converse, and had my sweater) and it didnt go down well with one of my friends who said I had decieved them! Lol!! All in all, we made new friends and had great conversation and such fun.

The third idea excited me most! I had attended an Open Mic Night a few months before, and it was such a free and exciting atmosphere, but as much as I really wanted to recite one of my poems, I couldnt imagine myself doing it in front of so many people! Right there and then, I promised myself I would help people who felt exactly the same way. Who knows how many talents are buried just because we have allowed shyness to get the better of us? So I came up with the Be Free Oh Open Mic Evening: a small and cozy affair with friends and friends of friends, where everyone would be free enough to do! Yes! Do Anything! Book readings, poem recitals from their over-bulging notebook of poems, songs (and put their ‘bedroom-only’ karaoke to shame!), jokes and much more. However, permit me to confess: we never got around to doing any of the above in the strictest sense of it, (although, I do recall someone singing Tuface’s ‘I wanna Be Free’) but  we had such fun chatting and going hysterical with insane laughter!  Only one man was in attendance and was he  glad he came! According to him, the 'very blunt' ladies helped his marriage get even better from that night. I have high hopes for the next edition, which we have agreed to tag 'Be Free Oh with Zouzou.' #Unstoppable.

Come August, we have another date with A Walk, Being Free oh, and who knows what else?? I have so many names/tags in my head, I need to find events to fit them in. *big grin*
What are you doing?

Be free oh (with Zouzou!!)


  1. (i wonder why my earlier comments wasn't published, now i have a case of commentator's block) i missed these wonderful events...... hope to attend the events in august. i shall cast out the spirit of disturbance.


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