Tuesday, July 17

I haven't been silent because I have nothing to say. Quite the contrary. Only flabbergasted and overwhelmed (an understatement) by all that is happening. My mind and head is so full, I marvel at how both hasn't exploded with all that is going on within and without me!
Have you had a chance to look, I mean, really look at Nigeria (again) recently?? Are you taking note of all that is happening? I am suddenly transported to the time when  bomb explosions were the other of the day in Iraq (not that it has stopped). Nigeria is suddenly Iraq to me. How did we get here?

The latest I heard, (I have stayed away from the papers today so far)  and which leaves me speechless and confused is the bomb explosion in Okene, in Kogi State! That interested me because I grew up there!! OKENE? Bomb? How? Why? What is the correlation? I must be dreaming, asking that question because The Evil Agenda obviously has no geographic, ethnic or religious plan, other than do maximum damage anywhere and however it can be managed, still, OKENE?! Thoroughly mystifying.

And this is only a tiny aspect of what is happening without. How about the killings at a funeral, a funeral?! How about horrible deaths while scooping fuel, (I can no longer understand if that should still be credited to extreme poverty or something else), sporadic and random shootings of the innocent and defenseless. I could go on and on.

Presently I am reading several books; two are of the greatest interest because they are relevant to the happenings around me. The Fall of Lucifer by Wendy Alec (oh yeah, you could say that is really relevant!), and the second is Swimming Against the Tide by Edo Ukpong. The former is very eye-opening, and gives me a better understanding of the workings of the enemy and of the time we are in now. The latter is so riveting! It is a compilation of the author's writings in the newspapers over a period of two decades, of events in Nigeria. My sadness became acute from reading just the forward. Though humorous, it chronicled how events in Nigeria have evolved, and how bad things have, and is still going south in Nigeria. 
It seemed that the dawning of each day brings only the worst. WHEN will things change? HOW will it? WHO will make the difference? Flummoxed as I am, I know that we have a rudder, and an anchor. We have promises made to us by a God who never reneges on promises. Though our hearts may seem to be permanently in our throats while it seem we are on standby for the worst possible news daily, we still have the hope of a better tomorrow!

Be Free Oh. Omg.

PS/How do you title this post?!


  1. WORD Zee! Apt post! We live on hope, we trust in a God who sees all and knows the end of this story!We have to put our faith solidly on that anchor. Fear is an evil ally

  2. I was reminded how sad I was and still am at all going on. God help us.


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