Friday, July 27

'Not Complicated?'

You get into bed every night, pull the duvet or covers over your head, and at some point your eyes flutter shut, next you know, your eyes open, never mind at what time; middle of the night, morning, noon, your eyes just open with no effort on your part and behold you are ushered into a brand new day…but do you have any idea  what kind of world you have woken up to? Or that while you laid prone and unconscious in sleep, forces were at play shaping a new technological order. Do you see the rate at which new models of phones and cars and other electronic gadgets are being churned out? And that is to say the least. The speed is enough to send one reeling.

Do you wonder how humanity coped 10, 20, 30 years ago? When things were different and life was so much less complicated? The memories may be fading, but we were doing so well when we had those things that we now consider so old-fashioned…But have you looked at some of your old photos and you thought…"omg, what was I thinking?? Did I really dress that way?!" But then, you must have thought you were the hottest thing in town then!
When I am driving and I see old models of cars, all I can think is, ‘oh no, what will I think of this car that is so precious to me now, 10 years down the line?!

How about the fact that ‘innocent’ words have now become something we must think twice, scratch that, thrice about before uttering? I clicked on Smooth Jazz Expression, my favourite international online jazz radio this morning, and on a list of similar radio stations, I saw ‘Gay FM’, I automatically did a double-take, with my thoughts skittering in different directions, wondering exactly what kind of station it was and who it was dedicated to. Sigh. Can you imagine how far we have come from ‘not complicated?’ Who in their right minds will today compliment another person on “looking so gay??”
And you would agree with me that many innocent English words have taken on new and different meanings, double entendres such that every word, expression, nuance etc is regarded with suspicion, everyone is on the defensive. Are these changes we wake up to doing more harm than good? Your guess is as good as mine. Nothing is pure or innocent anymore. How did we get here?

Well, it is Friday, and I am just here, quietly musing and shaking my head.

Be free oh.


  1. Relevant musing Zouzou, the corruption and mess is spreading like a cancer. The enemy's camp is very very busy, activities are at feverish pitch building to a crescendo. Very soon, more of us will realise that brewing under this earth we stand on is a massive volcano and business as usual will one day no longer be business as usual.

  2. Succint. You've said it even better Bee.

  3. Complimenting someone for "looking gay" is my funniest part - the person would give you a hard look while trying to make up their mind if you're being funny (haha) or funny (annoying) - another change in the meaning of words.

  4. For me the hardest bit of these times we now live in is parenting. Maybe cos I have two teens. I am so sure it was not THIS hard for my mom and dad back then cos the times were not this evil. Anyway, I have resigned myself to being comfortable about being called ' a party poop-er/over-protective mama'. Yes o, if I don't have names and numbers of parents of said friends, you ain't going o!

  5. Ha! I feel you oh! They will call me worse, and that's me who hasn't had children while things are this bad!
    We have lost values, parents have become lax about discipline, and it's all over, not just in Naija...this technological advancement is costing us many things.
    Please keep it up, and it would be great if you made noises about lack of parental discipline even more!

  6. My dear I love this spot on!

    Even kids have lost their innocence earlier than normal. The things we wake up to? The fire and want to live pure is slowly ebbing away! Make no mistake everyone is embracing it!

    Be free? Is that what led us here or we need to be reined right back in? But who will be the one pulling us back when they are all so free????


    1. 'Mmmmmmmmm' indeed Millie!!!
      But uh no! No one is going to blame me for 'being free!'...its all about balance, within the context of what is right, scripturs-wise, so no one is playing with your sure you know all that. Naughty gyal, pulling ma legs.
      BUT sadly, the world is embracing all that is wrong, and with such gusto...what are we heading into?!


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