Thursday, March 22

Confused Race

Helter skelter they ran
In a perfect formation of chaos
Yelling, screaming, the people ran

And as they ran, the circle, if you could call it a circle, increased
And as people saw others running, they joined in the race
Not understanding why

In one direction, the order of chaos increased
People were running
What could be chasing them? No one knew

But as each sighted another running, they ran
What could it be?
What is the danger?

Could it be some policeman has gone berserk?
Could it be tear gas?
Could it be a bomb?

Could it be an explosion?
Could it be kidnappers?
Could it be armed robbers?

What could be causing this chaos?
Helter skelter they ran
Arriving at a destination, a barricade, an end

They were forced to stop
Careening into one another
What was chasing them?

It was their shadow.


Be Free oh.


  1. Lollll. Good one

  2. Brilliant poetry! And so full of meaning, I fully identify. Keep em coming Zouzou!


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