Tuesday, January 17

Brace for Impact

People, I wrote this blog on Monday morning, the morning of the fateful day that NLC betrayed us (as usual), but was unable to post it for some reason, I placed it under 'My Notes' on FB and I am only just able to blog it here...in case you wondered...*eyebrow raised!*
Remember the good old 'Our Daily Bread' devotional? The one for Sunday Jan 15 2012 made an impact (pardon the pun) on me.
I remember watching the news on CNN in 2009 about the 'near crash' of the US Airways Flight 1549, in which the entire 155 passengers and crew survived. A miracle indeed!
The plane had hit a flock of geese upon take off, causing both engines to disable. Just before the plane landed where it did, the pilot had announced to the passengers, and I am sure this is standard protocol in a crisis; 'brace for impact.'....get ready, do whatever you have to do, hold on to whatever/whomever, say your (possibly last) prayer...anything at all, just get ready!

It seem to me that the entire situation is Nigeria right now is much like the scenario of that US flight! The 'plane' taking us to our destination have hit (dare I say) a 'flock of geese,' crippling both engines and the pilot, who, unlike in the situation above, was put there through a deliberate, conscious and planned effort by the people,  seem unable to maneuver in order to land as safely as he possibly can!

This is day 6 of the strike protesting the (un-ceremonious and impromptu) removal of the oil subsidy, so much have come to light since then concerning the governance of the country; more, Nigerians have risen up as one man to protest this 'unilateral' decision by taking to the streets, everyone is expressing their views through the available social media,  prayers are being prayed every where but the  pilot and his government have refused to be swayed. The recent news that hit Nigerians (as of this morning) is that this supposedly democratically elected 'pilot' has announced the pump price of fuel to be N97 going forward, he has also flooded the streets of the nation with armed soldiers, policemen and security agents to stall the protests...what picture do you think this  action depict? That things are about (I pray not) to take a turn for the worse, because Nigerians (note I didn't say NLC) are bent on not giving in!

But we have prayed! And still are! Our eyes are on God to save and deliver and take control. However, having said and done all that, I say to you, 'brace for impact' because we have no idea where and how this plane is going to land! More, as one of the passengers of the US Flight said, would we be given 'a second chance in life?' In order words, are we going to come off the plane to see the birth of a new (better) nation? Would we, like those survivors, have boats and ferries waiting to 'rescue' us when we finally land God-knows-where? Who knows? God does, but on our part, as we pray and take the necessary practical steps to make our voices heard, BRACE FOR IMPACT!

...And...be free oh.

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