Monday, January 9


It seemed criminal and petty, if not even insensitive to post the blogs I had waiting on my draft....I cannot even heartily welcome you to 2012, how can I, when my beloved Naija is (still) under siege...a situation so unbelievable, things are going from bad to worse, how is this possible??

Wasn't it only yesterday we were grappling with kidnapping (of expatriates first o) in the Niger-Delta, then that degenerated into kidnapping of just anyone anywhere in the entire states of the Federation, then we had the Jos Crisis, the painful, brutal killing of the innocent, that rendered the once peaceful City to a ghost of its former self, then we had to grapple with the confusion that ensued with illness and absence of a President who did not handover the nation which remained without a leader for ages, then we went through the election and its own brand of bloodshed, then some evil thing called 'Boko Haram' (loosely translated 'against Western Education', and yes, I will forgive you if you snickered!) that began to first steadily kill (in Maiduguri) Policemen and bomb Police Stations, then graduated to the gruesome murder of innocent citizens, then began a battle against the Christians, and this degenerated into other Northern states in the Federation, then came the Christmas morning bombing of churches, and threats to Southern Christians to relocate back to their States....did I get it all?? What did I miss?? The strangest thing is that in all of this, the government seem clueless on how to proceed!

One devastation on the heel of another, I doubt this country has had a respite from violence, pain and mayhem in a while. As if that is not enough, the President presented the populace with a New Year gift: sorry, but we are removing subsidy oh...and oh yes! Nigeria once again became the focus of attention of the world as protest and violence erupted immediately and  that does not seem to be abating anytime soon.
It is so appalling, so painful and so disheartening that a country that is known to pray so much would be embroiled in this never-ending devastation; where is God? I wonder? I don't even want to talk about the Government, and the President, and the House of Representatives, and all other people in Government! I want to understand what goes on in the mind of God right now, why does He allow this?? Why is it its the innocent that  takes the brunt of any 'change?' Will we get out of this? How? When? 

Many a people will say prayer obviously have not done much, but where else can we turn,  seeing as violence in not doing much, if not back to the known God?
Heavy heart or not, I speak peace to Naija. Nigeria is God's. And we have hope. oh yes, we do.

Be free oh.


  1. Honestly, it is terrible. We can only pray and hope the government get wisdom.

  2. @Myne: May the Lord answer us speedily.

  3. Evelyn says: I still say happy new year. This is so disheartening, when we hear of
    all these things overseas it saddens our hearts. I cannot say when all
    these will end but i know that "they that put their trust in God shall
    be like mount Zion...". Imagine, the 70 years of captivity in babylon,
    imagine what went on in the minds of the Israelites. I know that the
    "wickedness of the wicked shall surely come to an end". We must hold
    on, we must encourage one another, strengthens our cords and our
    hearts. If in the days of adversity we faint, then our strength is
    small (Prov.24:10).

    We must not stop praying, only God knows what Nigeria would have been
    without prayers! Praying knees and lips and hearts have kept our
    country. We may not understand the direction in which God is working,
    but trust me, He is working.

    According to you- Be free oh!

  4. My dear its very disheartening when you hear about the happenings in our beloved country. I just saw on the internet that a mosque was burned down in Benin city. Chei we have gotten to the point of "do me I do you back". What rubbish is this. Where would we all run to if Nigerian's situations drastically change for the worse.
    God please hear our cry and bring peace unto our land in Jesus name.


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