Thursday, January 19

2012: Resolutions

Right! I thought we ought to move on to the simpler things of life, I mean, let's leave the 'seriousness' of the issues confronting us for a bit while we do something a bit more cheerful! What say ye??

Granted, the way my beloved Naija entered this New Year is unprecedented to say the least! For the last several years, I can remember us entering a new year amidst pop and pageantry, shouts of excitement, laughter,, parties....but the bombings on Christmas day and the threat to do more at Crossover services all over the country had some churches cancelling (outright) their services, for the safety of their members, others moved their service up by a few hours, while many others went ahead with ogboju! (boldness), and alll in all, we all crossed safely! Welcome into 2012, and if you would oblige me, I dub it the 'Year of Surprises!!!' *Straight face*

A few days ago, I landed on radio station talking about 'New Year Resolutions' I guess they were also overtaken by the events in the country because this topic usually comes in the first week of a new know, to set the tone for the year...) I rolled my eyes at the station, thinking, please! Not this again. Does it even work??

For me: not really, so I dont do them anymore. I hardly ever succeed at them; they confound me. And then I am disillusioned at the start of another year! I mean, here I come into each new year armed with all sorts of plans: drink a lot more water, (I hate drinking water), eat a lot more fruits and vegetables, read (yet) more, take this class, get back into my French language, make a conscious effort to speak it more, and, check this, get on the drums!! (I have always, for as long as I can remember, learn to play drums)...etc etc...but no sooner am I in the new year than I am falling, and falling and spiraling! I am sure many will identify with me here, abi am I alone in this??. These resolutions (or whatever we choose to call them),  written down (which even makes it even more 'official') or in the head always get the better of me! I eventually realised that I come into the year, already 'afeared' that I will not be able to achieve my desires because, I mean, it didn't work last year, nor the year before! Is it any wonder I fail at them?

So, I stopped making any conscious effort. Dunno if that is a good or bad thing. But it dawned on me (duh, is it Rocket Science??) that whether you consciously, or unconsciouly make NYRs, you make them nonetheless! No one comes into a new year, or indeed wake up every day without some sort of plan, a desire to do something new/different or make a change. It is safe to say I do have a few NYRs:  take an etiquette class, drink more water!!....mais, how do I get to succeed in this quest??

I know people who thrive on this and do make it. So, pray, share with us mortals, how have you been able to, year in and out, get past this horror of not meeting with you resolutions! How did you do it? In fact, do you believe in it?  Do you write them down? Are they in your head?? Do you 'SMART' them? (*eyelashes*). Are you sort of accountable to someone who would spur you on? Have I answered my own questions??

Lets hear your thoughts on know what I mean!! Lol.
And do not forget to look forward to me reporting at the end of this year that I have taken my etitquette class, and I do drink much more water!!!

Be free oh!

PS/I tried to come up with a catchier else do you say (New Year) Resolutions, abeg?


  1. Zou Interesting write up. Last year a friend of mine said he achieved all he planned and found himself looking for more target to set and achieve. I found myself keying usual...and I said I must set targets this year and I will follow it through. U dont want to hear some of them...and am already pursing them! Result will call it say soon.

    One of the ways I think we can achieve NYR is by working as a group ie a group of good friends...set your targets, share it and have regular eating banga on the floor of sister Loretta house but the primary aim is to review how far each member is from achieving...little pressure will hopefully keep members focused. I wish we had done that...but not too late!

    Invitation to try - Am calling out to Zee/Loretta/Imeh/Uduak can we form a group today and share and see if we achieve...if u guys promise not to be too shocked at my NYR that am already working on now...

    Love u guys...Be free

    1. Millie! Someone succeeded at all his targets?? Get him to read and comment on this blog!! He has to share with us mortals. Mehn. *eyes open wide in amazement**

  2. Dear Zou, the last write up was from Millicent just realised I didnt sign comment inviting us to use group pressure to achieve...NYR

  3. The title is apt or should i say "catchy" enuf cos it says it all!

    i think u ve alrdy answered ur ques and we do make resolutions daily. However, d new year 1s r sort of more symbolic in d scheme of time - a whole yr!! So 4me, its a gud idea but u can start 'poco a poco'.......a journey of a thousand miles starts wit a lil step...d key is determination i.e be resolute, so if u fall jst rise again and continue 2wrds d goal....Aluta Continua! Victoria Ascerta! *oops!....facepalm*/.......*wink*

    1. Awe oh!!!! aluta continua indeed! Why does that remind me of 'subsidy??' *deadpan*

  4. This is a refreshing read cos honestly, this is the first time in my entire life that a new year was ushered in with such gloom and dread. Thank God for giving us joy regardless of circumstances.

    New Year resolutions! The million dollar topic for this time of year. I decided not to write anything down or consciously make a list in my head cos honestly, I think that just jinxes it! So even before the new year, I decided on the things I wanted to change or do more of.
    Then I have an overall idea of the sort of person I want to be this year and the guiding principles for my life this year. So I'll take it from there, no specifics!

  5. well zou I used to set goals/new year resolution and not follow through after 1 week, but this year I decided that I would follow through. I have stop drinking coke and this is my 18th day. I drink more water. I have finished my third novel in less than 1 week, which I had been dragging for the remaining second half of last year. I have at least posted regularly on my blog, I am reading more, and you won't believe this I started this positive confession stuff after I received that your mail, and I have been doing it ever since. I guess the key thing is just to make up your mind and be more determined. That's how I see it and so far its been working for me. I have a lot more stuff to do and I am working on it a little at a time.

    1. Phiri, that place wey you dey dey help you oh! Dont you think by now its by divine orchestration that you are in that location?? Look at all you have achieved! Dont knock it. I am all for looking at every 'small' thing to find the finger of God in it these days...but come back soon, and do not loose this momentum when you get here!!!
      On se verra tres bientot j'espere! Tu nous manques.

  6. Zee baby. I am not one for setting and keeping resolutions, but if I set my mind on something, I set it on it and get it done. For instance, Pastor Tony said in his 31st December 2010 sermon that we need to change our patterns. One pattern I decided to change was to gather my children to pray every morning from 4:30am. Many a mother have abused me for robbing them of their beauty slumber. If I don't rob them of this slumber in the morning, something else may rob them of slumber forever. So, what I now do is to listen out for what is preached on cross over service night because I believe it is God's word for the year.

    Mill baby, great idea. If you do have someone to hold you accountable and and check on them regularly, the resolutions may never get done.

    I have commented oooo. Like a lady I know would say, Gbam

    Uduak Ekong

    1. Uduak baby! You made it!!! You commented, gbam! I am so proud of you! (eyelashes).
      I love your comments about the children and prayer...that takes determination and stron heart oh, 4.30am...but I agree with you, if they(we) dont learn in the early stages...Thank God we do not have Child Services here...dem for sue you! (Big grin).


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