Friday, November 11

Happy at 40

So! the day came and went...and I cannot say it was uneventful. Oh no! It was full of events o.
In fact, the events began the day before.
I was sitting jeje on my own o, I didn't know that a conspiracy had been on all the while I was shooting off with the mouth about doing nothing...people were snickering at me. And me, clueless, it never ever occurred to me that someone, somewhere may, just may take it upon his or herself to do something...That they just may love me enough to not let me hit 40 and go over 'uneventfully?' Honestly, I do my Wall of Fame an injustice because I under-estimate them! :-)

On Tuesday I was in my kitchen quietly trying to salvage this cabbage I had into something so it doesn't waste (see pic), when my friend, who had come home with me from a meeting said she wanted me to meet a friend of hers...I came out into my living room to the greatest surprise of all my birthdays, and I mean, all 40 of them...I ain't kidding! The surprise was TOTAL. No clue, no inkling, nothing. There they were, Bliss Group Babes (not forgetting our little addition who happens to be a man!) bearing this lovely green cake (one of my fav colours, and with a kettle on it, depicting my love for tea), drinks, wine, chicken, roses, omg, roses!!! And gifts..etc etc. OMG. It was a blast. They made my day.

Not over o: On the day itself: hmmm, God had told me that 'you will be 40 and happy'...of course I snickered (or laughed as Sarah did), because I have all these many pending issues and I thought, well, if You can manage to sort them all out before Nov 9, then of course I would be happy! Anyway, I went ahead immediately to print (see pic) and saved it someplace.
I had the morning to myself so I worked my BB responding to well wishes, I had my moment of fame on BB that day oh. My pictures were everywhere. In the evening my other women group (Women for Change) took me for a Chinese dinner....with more gifts pouring in (though I am still expecting that blank cheque sha o). We had a great dinner full of such laughter and a couple of tributes...well, they told me how wonderfully dependent and loyal I am etc etc. I tried not to let it go to my head though. The secret things belong to me  and God afterall! LOL.
I must confess that I was happy, I truly was. Not because my pictures were making rounds, or that I received so many calls, some great surprises because they were people I hadn't spoken to in ages, or that I received gifts...NO. I was happy right inside; the 'unexpalanable' happy! God was right; as usual. And for the first time in my life, I wished my birthday would last 48 instead of 24 hours!

Cannot emphasize enough....BE FREE OH.


  1. Its great to see that you had a blast. You can only be forty once so savour it! All these pending "issues" will come to pass. May you continue to experience his limitless blessings!

  2. Bawiwi, na gode my sister. I am savouring so seriously. :-)

  3. lovely post dear. not like the way i was looking. loll.
    anyways God will continue to keep happy and fulfilled just watch out.

  4. These pictures are lovely! I wisg you many happy returns on your birthday and may you remain ever happy. :)

  5. I think I lost my first comment. These are really lovely pictures, everyone smiling :) May you remain happy for life!


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