Monday, November 21

Free Gift(s)

People! Honestly, you may be getting tired of me apologizing each I ‘run off’ but it would be remiss and rude of me if I don’t, at least I think so.

I am still basking in the euphoria of my birthday; yeeees! Still. The celebration is yet to end, gifts are still coming in, dinners are still being arranged, in fact, I demand the celebration continue and last until the next one! 40 n Happy n Fab, no try me o.
Eh hen, so, it is the receiving of gifts that brought about this blog.
God used the story below to illustrate to me how I don’t trust Him at all to do for me what I desire.
A month ago, a friend had promised me a handbag, she had murmured something about 'giving away handbags in October' or something sha. So last week I reminded her and she told me that being the lady of integrity that she is (rolling my eyes on the big grammar), she would keep her word!
So, to her house I went, she opened the wardrobe and asked me to take out 3 of my preferred bags, and she would decide which one to give me. Difficult choice, because she is nuts about bags; imagine the designer; she has it or has had it at a point!

Meanwhile, I had seen this lovely blue Hermès that she had just bought (and that prompted the discussion), but because I was thinking how very expensive I am sure it is, I bypassed it but when she noticed it was not one of the three, she asked why the Hermès was not one of the them...I quickly reached up and exchanged the brown D&G I had with the Hermes o! And yes, you guessed right, yours truly inherited that very handbag!

Now, this blog is not about the material thing called handbag, or the fact that I want to announce I now own a ‘serious’ one (in fact sef, why not announce? Wetin?) but this simple, long story only reinforced, hard I should say, how we deliberately, with our hands and our lack of faith in God, miss major blessings. My heart desired the bag, not because of the name (I don’t do names, at least not deliberately, because whatever it is I wear or carry, designers or 'non-designer', I  'carry' them and give them a name! *very big and saucy grin* but majorly because it is cute and is in such a lovely colour' but I restrained myself because I had thought (what’s my business thinking for people??) that it was something she wouldn’t want to give away. How in heaven did I know that?? Oh, by the way, she wrapped up another handbag to take to another friend of ours. (This is the part where you apply to be this my friend's friend!! :-) ).

Someone once said that having prayed, move on, the ‘how’ and ‘when’ God does it is not your problem. So I say we should catch some sleep biko….but not miss it with our lack of faith. God's gifts are free, we are not to obsess over how we get them.
This lesson I learnt again, and true to God, He knows I needed it....have had a paradigm shift since then o.

And to the giver of this bag, going by what God said about give and receiving a hundred fold.... isn’t the possibilities of what you get in return endless?? OMG!!!! The possibilities are endless o!


PS/ Meanwhile, picture on my profile: the t-shirt is a gift from the bestest group in the world: Bliss. They are certainly very free oh! J


  1. HI Zainab,

    This was a funny one! It made me laugh. True, God's gifts are free
    and He gives, we shouldn't worry about the 'how' because that's why He
    is God.

    Enjoy your 40th year and more, God is big enough!


  2. Hi Zeee i'm glad the joy of your birthday is still flowing like a river.Once again i read this at the right time trusting God and letting go is the only way forward

  3. Hi Zeee i'm glad the joy of your birthday is still flowing like a river.Once again i read this at the right time trusting God and letting go is the only way forward


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