Wednesday, November 9

Zouzou is 40

I opened my eyes today into my 40th year, actually that's not true oh! I didn't sleep until about 2am. I had to consciously carry myself off to bed to sleep; I didn't deliberately stay awake, and I wasn't 'pondering' on my life! Sleep didn't come because I had an exciting afternoon (that's gist for tomorrow!) So I decided to (for the first time ever) watch Mask of Zorro and Why Did I Get Married Too (yeye movie, the latter, if you ask me!)

So! 40 whole years. Don't know why I can't stop broadcasting that! *big grin* What a milestone. I am trying so hard to remember my 15th, 20th (I remember 18 and 19 well), 25th etc but they are hazy!. What a journey it has been. What a journey, I tell you. SMH. Full of memories; some good, some bad, some very bad, some really really good. But the sum total of it all has culminated into this 40. I have made good and bad decisions, I have been loyal, disloyal, betrayed and have been betrayed, I have loved and been loved, I have suffered 2 (oh yeah I can count) heartbreaks, I have hated, I have cried, I have laughed, I have tried to be a super woman, I have tried to be someone the younger people dare not emulate! In the midst of it all, I have known God....all memories. And I am thankful for them all.
In these past many years, one thing I can say is that nothing comes easy to me, ever. I am no aje-butter; don't let what you see deceive you. There is always a wait, a fight, a struggle a (heart-wrenching) cry but the end always justified the wait. And there is no stopping me because I know that as surely as the Lord lives, I am headed in a destination at which I shall inevitably arrive!

I want to say 'thank you' to every single person in my life. I keep saying it but mehn, I am blessed with people!!! Come on! I am too sorrounded by an incredible human support. Me, so undeserving!
I thank family (every single one including Zachary and Adiel who have just been born), friends, colleagues, church folks, blog and tweeter followers, random readers...for being part of the wall that holds up the Zouzou Building.

To God Himself for today, I dedicate this:

Love: Your Bitter Herb

It wells up from deep within
It grips my heart in a way no other does
It is bitter herb and unleavened bread!
Bitter because our ways are so different
It is sweetness even in its bitterness
Nothing else measures in the things that matter
My heart cries and longs for it
Who else can not care what I do?
Who else but You stand by me my ugliest moments?
When my garments are all but soiled?
Who cause tears to well
Just by the whisper of a word
You, alone, rock my world
So, I stand loved

Somehow, I wish this day would increase to 48 hours!
This blog wasn't planned so take it as it is!

Be Free oh!


  1. May the Lord keep and uphold you. You have been a blessing and will continue to be. I am glad our paths crossed.

    Have a funfilled day, and a fruitful year ahead.

  2. Congrats Zee. Ur one fabulos 40 year old lady ;)


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