Tuesday, October 4

Proudly Nigerian

Seeing as how I have said, and reiterated quite often, that I do not (of myself) plan to live elsewhere because I am (very) proudly Nigerian, it occurred to me, and the fact was driven home (with big, huge nails) on Sunday, that I am not really doing much to celebrate, support and praise this country, my ‘pride’. Who can blame me, and a large percentage of the populace?? We get browbeaten, put down, cheated, denied of the basic(est) amenities....the government is selfish, unable to protect its citizens, full of (hidden) agendas put together for  selfish purposes, education system run down….eh hen eh hen…there I go, concentrating on the bad!!!...ok,  slow down and breathe…breathe…

During the service on Sunday, my eyes (even if there were more than a thousand people at this service, I can only speak for myself, abi?) were open to see that my country is good, My mind went in different directions of the (indeed) good things that Nigeria has to offer; it don’t matter whether I see the good today, I know she is capable of it, and seeing as the bible says that the ‘glory of the latter house will be greater than the former’, I have hope!
I was reminded of my growing up; ours was not a rich family, but we never lacked for food! I could never forget the cartons and cartons of peak milk! I remember very vividly, we drank milk like it was water, my mother bought stuff in bulk. Our house was like a provision store...our plate of food had meat swimming in it (how many people still eat with more than 2 pieces of meat these days??). We had clothes in abundance, we had shoes (gosh, am reminded of those clogs!!! I have to look for the pictures). Everything in abundance. How did it become so bad?
All I am saying here is that we had a better life then, but we can have it better again.

During this long weekend celebrating Nigeria’s 51st, I  determined that I would henceforth concentrate on and applaud the good things! I would make a conscious effort to remember them and be grateful for them. If for nothing, that I am here, writing a blog for you to read!  I am grateful for life, I am grateful for God Himself, I am grateful that though there isn’t frequent electricity, we have learnt to survive;  I am glad for the Nigerian Survival Instinct! This is a great thing to applaud; Nigerians never give up. I am grateful that though we had a floods in some states that killed hundreds, that though Boko Haram is doing its best to hold the country hostage, that though Jos, the once peaceful City be on fire and many have died, that though the politicians are manipulating the system for their own gains, that though kidnapping of high-ranking (and now low, average and no ranking sef) people abound, that though we sleep in darkness, and spend a fortune on diesel, I am grateful we have never experienced earthquakes, landslides, tsunami, and other natural disasters. How would we have coped?? I believe God knows exactly what it is we can bear and has left us with those, not also without hope!

Today, I declare: ‘Nigeria we hail thee, our own dear native land, though tribe and tongue may differ in brotherhood we stand,…’

No matter your nationality, take stock (of your country) and be grateful too,

I am (very) proudly Nigerian.
Be free oh!


  1. Yes Zee i'm Proudly Nigerian like u and like Mandy said Lemon is bitter but everyone finds good use for it. Nigeria is a giant lemon there's a lot of goodness in Nigeria

  2. Hmmm! Not many words to say for obvious reasons. Still processing but yes, it's the only country we have and call home. We MUST celebrate it and pray for its peace.
    I was saying to my Grandma the other day, she lived most of her life when Nigeria was at its best, now, we must try harder to see the good. But we will.
    Great post as usual!

  3. Thumbs up to you for another good one.
    Yes,naija is a beautiful,wonderful country.its so easy for us all to become critics but for me,I have resolved just like zouzou to do my own small bit.
    How many of us are actually role models/mentors in the various leadership positions we have found ourselves-in our homes,family,church etc.
    How many of us pay our personal/company taxes?
    How many of us haven't tried to cut corners one way or the other?
    many of us dodge phcn/water bills and litter our environment
    Its so easy to say its the country we are in but NO,its about YOU
    In all the years I have known my dad,he has never cut corners or bribed anybody for anything concerning himself,kids or ppl around him. I.respect him enormously.
    For me,I have resolved to start in my own small way,be the best wife,mother and all else will follow.


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