Friday, September 30

A Blogger's Award...

People! I got a ‘Versatile Blogger’s Award from Myne Whitman! Isn’t that cute and amazing?? Me, versatile. And from Myne, who has more than 700 followers…talk about ‘open doors!’ Lol. Wow.

Well, some of the rules of the award is to talk about yourself and recommend other blogs…which blended perfectly with my thoughts for today since I was going to recommend one or two bloggers, and I had been toying with writing about me and what makes me tick…kind of food, music..movies…my as a person…you know.

May I say a big thank you for the 3 new followers who just came on board?? I hope this blog does it for you…as it does for me. Keep smiling and laughing…

So, thank you, Myne for this honour. It’s a first…and the euphoria isn’t going to go away, mi promise. J

7 things about me:

1.     Anti-norm (as you all already know)
2.    I am 2nd of 6 children, hence the mother of the other 5 including their father
3.    I love reading and movies…the former rather than the latter if it comes to choice
4.    I love tea. Omg…I love tea. I don’t care for it to be exotic; give me the good old lipton anytime and am in heaven…
5.    I am a true romantic at heart…doesn’t show, but believe me, I am the real softie
6.    I love home-making and organizing… when am in the mood
7.    I  love music. Depending on my mood and special moments..I could stick with one CD for weeks on end…I am jazzy…and beats really gets me going, doesnt matter who from. Howeever, I can categorically tell you that the rap of today aint my thing..the noise! whew.

Now to tagging blogs…this will be a bit tricky because, believe me, I am yet to explore 15 bloggers oh.…but the few I have ‘stumbled’ on, I love for their uniquely amazing thoughts/outlook.

So I recommend, in no particular order;

Be free oh.


  1. Yaaaaay! Thanks for recommending my blog! Nice new look for zouzou muses too!
    Let's keep bloggin!

  2. It's nice to know more about you. I'm glad I found your blog, let's keep it going.


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