Wednesday, April 20

Next Blog

Hello hello hello!!!

Am here! Am alive and well!..that is, if you are asking.

I confirm that a lot of new and wonderful and very unexpected things have been happening. All will be shared by and by!

However, my next blog is titled: Am I a Virgin?....yeah, warever, raise your eyebrow; like that would deter me! Duh.
Waiting to be attended to at UBA this morning, I wrote the entire blog on my Blackberry (yep, that’s how wonderful that bank is, I think it’s very ineffectiveness lies in the fact that it is so big, its a dispensary! Let me not even start, it’s my salary Bank *rolling eyes*)

However, while waiting for that, let me wonder….is anyone really thinking about this season and what it means? The death of Christ, I mean, the very gruesome death someone died so that we might be ‘here’…wherever you just might be at this time. Are we sober? Are we in that mode of ‘repentance’, of being know? I am having to ‘actively’ and very consciously remember that He died so I could live, that He side was pierced so I could be healthy, that He was cursed so I can be blessed, that He was poor that I might be rich?? And so on and so on…so the eating of that bread and the drinking of that wine shouldn’t really be trifled with whether you are taking it in Church or on your own at home….just mi thoughts…

Be free oh…and catch ya….on the next blog...


  1. Hmmm...this next blog...waiting with bated breath o

  2. loll going to UBA is like going to hell fire at times...
    anyways this period one should really reflect on the price Christ had to pay for us.


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