Thursday, April 21

Am I A Virgin?

Yes! I just knew your curiosity will be piqued by this very unusual title! Hehehehehe. Kai.
Am I a Virgin?? Let’s find out?!
Do you remember the story of the 10 virgins in Matt 25? 5 foolish and 5 wise? Question is, which one are you?
There was news of the arrival of the bridegroom, the wise ones quickly took their lamp along with oil  but the foolish ones did not bother. However, the bridegroom delayed in his coming, and they all fell asleep! But when the call eventually came that ‘he is here!’, they all jumped up, wise ones got their lamp going and went to go in to the banquet. However, their lamps having gone out, the foolish ones began to scramble for more oil….talk about being unprepared.
According to a preacher, the state you are in today is a sum total of the journeys that you have been on. Everything we have been through has prepared us for this point, this here and now. So as we sit and ponder on all our life’s experiences, the joy, the pain, the success, the regrets etc we should also determine if this is the stop or if is there something more to look forward to. And that next level (if you believe there is one) require a state of preparedness. Rev George Adegboye defined success as when  'opportunity meets preparation'. The wise virgins were prepared!  Oh yes, they all slumbered when it seemed that the guy wasn’t coming, that the contract is no longer looking positive, that the container may not be arriving after all; lost hope and slept! But when it mattered, at midnight, when they heard the announcement that it seem to be finally happening, they were ready…lamp, plus oil and got up to go into the banquet. By the time the foolish virgins finished running around, IT happened, and behold, the door was already shut. The door was shut.
Will The Opportunity meet me in The State of Preparedness? Think about it: we pray for it, we believe for it, we long for it, we cry for it, we have tarried for it. If IT happens now, if IT comes now, do we have room for that cruse of oil that never ‘stayed?’….
So again, I ask? Am I a virgin, if yes, which one? Are you asking yourself the same question? And have you whipped out that lamp yet, polishing it even as I speak? (write?). Everything is all about being prepared for the (good) things coming our way, to never be caught unawares.
This blog could be longer than this but I believe a word is enough for the wise (no pun intended! Lol).
Eccl 9:8: Let thy garments be always white; and let thy head lack no ointment.’  
Be free oh and …’watch out, for we do not know when…’
PS/short blog! I did it!

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  1. I am 'a virgin oh but ever ready, ever prepared!' (now that would look really fetching as a blog title. Zee, que tu es si drole! lol!). But you are so on point. We must not be caught napping especially after we have run this race so hard and for so just makes me shudder to I wont even think it.....

    BTW, the 2010 Hardcovers have finally landed.....inbox me where to send your copy to and when you want it.


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