Wednesday, April 27

Showing Up For Life

*Title inspired by the book Showing up for Life: Bill Gates Snr.*
Good Friday I was at Debonairs Pizza with some of my Women….it was such a pleasantly great time, we laughed so hard, I went to bed with a bad (good) headache. We moved to Ice cream Factory after pizza and eventually left for home about 10pm-ish?
But what did I take out of that meeting despite the roaring laughter, causing people to stare but hey, laughter doeth good, like medicine o, and since we haven’t had that much fun in ages…Well, you know that where you have a multitude of women, there are always gists. We had very candid talks about men, sex, relationships, marriage and lots more. We trashed issues sorrounding being ‘boxed’ up. Why is it we do not consider getting out of out ‘boxes’ of the norm, traditions into which we have put ourselves. Knowing that this is my very own preoccupation, and knowing that I still have myself in a few boxes despite my belief in the un-traditional, I wondered again what we are missing. It brought so many questions to mind, but I came out of there with ‘what has God said, what is He saying??’ Even He, we have put in a box! I am still pondering on this o.
 Are you in a box?? Better free yourself o.
Easter Sunday…I was at a meeting where a dear sister (the name stealer who shall remain nameless here) spoke on Love. What is the whole message of the cross? It is love. Someone loved, He died, so you too love! That’s it. And away from there into the main service, the same message resonated. I was taken back to the book “Showing up for Life’ by Bill Gates Snr. (find am, read am! na small book). It all but speaks about rising up to meet a need where one exists. He spoke about various people (including his son) who have made considerable and tremendous impact in the developing world, as well as in the lives of other people. Now Bill Gates Snr. Is not the born-again-tongue-talking-demon-chasing believer that you and I profess to be o, at least, not that I know of! The people mentioned in his book were also not, but they fulfilled the message of the cross. That’s all about it, love…giving, helping the needy…but is it possible to ‘show up’ and fulfill a need if you don’t love someone? C’est absoluement impossible! I don’t like you, I don't even want to see your face, so how can I then love you?
Can we put aside all these ’forming,’ this pretending, this bible carrying, this tongue speaking (abi should I say lashing) and do the necessary? Simply show that you LOVE. To the okada man, to the driver, the mai gadi, the sick, the poor, the domestic staffs (who knows, they just may stop doing evil!)….’Peter, lovest thou me more than these? Feed my sheep’, Jesus said.
That is the message, e no pass like this. I suspect that we are all in for a rude shock when we arrive heaven. The very people we expect to see in ‘heaven’ may most likely not the there. I believe in the sovereignty of God, He does whatever He please, who can question Him??’ Stop with the judgment, the things we do based on what we see, there is One who sees what you and I are do not see.
There is so much we can do with so very little...and I know we have more than a little!
I no wan presh biko. I could sit endlessly, trying to make this blog fancier with words, but there isn’t time to make fancy the truths that you and I already know. Holier than thou attitude? Let’s put it away. We can only be great to the extent to which we are servants….show up...for life, help the needy…
…and Be Free oh!
PS/ Is this a good time to tell you I am still receiving items for the Garage Sale organized by my Group, Bliss, (May 7th) proceeds of which will go the the Old People's Home in Yaba?? Are you even aware there is an Old People's Home??

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  1. My dear, I passed the place once and I was shocked!!! Never thought an Old People's home could exist here, then again, saw the place and I was like what do these old people make of this place they are living in...told one of my friends we should start an NGO and she said if I would set up an Old People's Home she would back me about love, we need people here who can show that love: it's not only the motherless babies that need our attention..there are sooooo many issues and not enough church going about taking care of business. I mean, look at the Catholic Church. You wonder why they have so many devotees? Just hear how they go about helping the have-nots!


    Mary Arinze


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