Thursday, March 17

Zouzou's Wall of Fame (Part 1)

(This is long o! I tried to edit I really did, but it is not my fault I am so blessed with people).

Je suis la pour dire merci a dieu et a tous mes familles, mes amis, mes collegues...a vous tous! Allons nous... yeah yeah...try not to be lost!

I am beloved of God! How awesome. The One who pours the seas into jars and puts the deep into storehouses, The One who names the stars each and calls them by their names, The One who owns the cattle on a thousand hills, The One who covers the earth with the deep as a garment, The One who tells the seas, ‘so far have you come, go no further!’, The One before whom the mountains skip, My father, my God, my friend, my lover, my buckler, my shield, my defense, my strong tower, my glory, the lifter of my head, my king and my God! Who am I that You are so mindful of me?? MEEE?! *marveling*

He told me recently that He has worn me as a garment (I don’t have a full idea of what that means yet), but I got thinking that He has surrounded me with so many people that I too wear them as one would a garment, there must be a perfect interpretation of this in Yoruba, someone please help me…

And so, in no particular order…

The Musa family, I say thank you, because, I mean, I get to be amongst you guys na, abi?? I don’t care if you think am being 'partial' but I doff my hat at my favouritest of all siblings, Balarabe Musa! You are something else….as soon as God gets you to that place where you ought to be, I can just imagine what you would do! You are blessed!! And by extension to the only Apple of our eyes for now, Karimat Musa, the over-intelligent and sharp little lady, you just gladden my heart…Miss Ben 10!
Papi, Munira, Hanatu, Dj and Rakiya, you all have touched my life one way or the other and the Lord will bless you…it’s not a mistake we all ended up here…even if e tire me sometimes. J
To the Bellos….hmmmm, we definitely have come a loooooong way, we so have o. EsuB is the one who holds the rod, of my fathers, and in this case I have just 2 of them! Mr. Musa is the one with the staff, talk about a balanced life! Rali, Dee, Rash, Fali (Sapa) and Bade…space will fail me to announce just how each of you have been significant, but there is no way you would have gone missing from this page…I should mention here that Sapa is the person to name me ‘Iya’, and that has become my family name today (she probably has forgotten).
Kaka, my favouritest aunty!! Awww, you are too much aunty Kaka…too much.

The Alabis…Umma!!! It was through you I entered the Alabi household as far back as 1983, and then this house entered into my house, and both families became one…thank you. Barira Bawiwi, Zainab Zeelarry (the name stealer that also brought Kemo into our lives), Saa, my love…I mean, what would you guys do without me? What? We are stuck for life and stuck for good!

My Mothers: 3 of them, wonderful women of prayer, I don’t see what else anyone will ask for if they had these women as mums. Mrs Rapu (this woman is absolutely something else and we understand each other completely)  Evangelist Love Emmanuel (Momo Special), the indefatigable woman of God! Mummy Alabi… (you were the first to show me Isaiah 49:10, part of your many prayers for children), God will surely cause you all to smile, especially The Smile that you have so awaited. Your presence in my life has all but taken away the pain of losing Mrs. Mary Musa.

My friends….ha…here are so many wonderful people, I should say a word about each but I fear the page will explode with too much info…in no particular order, Tinuke and Mubo…my very first born-again companions and sisters…very many prayers…so many groaning that could not be uttered...very many fastings…I grew up spiritually with these two...I sore miss those days. Nike (and by extension Jibo and Konks), my Ikoyi family, doors always open for whenever I chose to walk in, and as that sharp mouthed Demilade will say ‘its aunty Zouzou, sneaking around’ when I show up at 6am in the morning. Can you imagine this 5 year old?? Me sneaking?? …anyway sha, I say to them, we are stuck for life…I can’t be chased away (now where is that ‘cool’ icon??).

Adejoke (‘heellllooooo!!!!’), Tony (a friend that literally sticks closer than a brother!) Thank God for LASU Masters Class, imagine never meeting you two?? Unimaginable! Uju madu! (Uju is one specie of human that I marvel at…), Funlola, Biscoma, Ericson, Dickson: my brother by another other mother…
‘The Women’…Loretta, my sis Angel….sis Eunice, ever there to answer all my questions and give pointers where necessary, Imecious, Milliechow, sis Toks…I can’t get over that help you rendered last year oh, you are too much…my VP (sis Toch), my Ese, incredible and amazing women of G…you have all had such an impact in my life, what with all those prayer meetings and outings and movies…hmmm.
Bookie! Miz Bee, my Climbing Companion, Lol! It’s amazing how people meet and they just hit it off, and the way you and I just happen to almost always speak the same language…interesting stuff. You brought Bliss into my life, and all the ladies therein are just amazing…
My Club Beautiful ladies, I wish I could name you all, but Ibim, and Christie are the 2 who have stuck, even though the group no longer exist! Tonye, Tony (Uagboe), Fred, Seun…organizing The Singles with you guys was da bomb! Couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful group of bros...

How could I forget my bosses?? I do not think there is anyone who has had more wonderful bosses! I am too blessed! Marc Isabel, first boss ever (turned Papa), Michel Rezki, Guenter Vogel, JB Bre, Joe Anikwe, and now Andrew Alli, I say thank you, working with you all is definitely life made easy…I know for sure that I am the envy of many J
All my ALU friends and family, the dispatchers, my Glo friends and family, you are such wonderful people, how can I not mention the French Embassy people…TE et Antoine, mes favoris.

Now I commend you all into the hand of the Almighty, The One who has me engraved me in the palm of His hand, who says of me ‘your walls are ever before Me’, I pray that He will bless you, and cause His face to shine upon you. Because you have thought of me in your heart for good, He will bless you and keep you…your paths did not cross mine in error, uh hun, no, it didn’t!

Create a Wall of Fame too….be free oh!
Zainab Talatu Bello-Alabi-Musa-…..(the last name should add itself already!) J

If your name is not here, don’t be offended and don’t hate me, God Himself knows you by name, I am only human…besides, this is Part 1! Better is the end of a thing abi?


  1. Awwwwww, what do I say to such absolute cheating?! I deserve more than
    one line considering all I have done for you since your 'naked' days
    at FC Okene!
    But like you said, you are human and prone to forget so I will be
    divine and forgive and love you just the way you are...rotflmho.

    Big hug to you!

  2. Iyabo, Talatu,Loveth,Iya, Zainab Musa! U no add 'Blackkie!' Many things I could have done without U! Well I don see my name 4 d part 1! You have been a wonderful sister! But u go cool ur temper small! Remember 2 'maintain ur gentility!' Knowing u for 28 years! Na hard work,haba I try! The good Lord will reward all your labor of love,as He grants u d desires of your heart! May He cause you 2 experience d joy u have 2 many lives with your selfless love! Remember d french something something money Mrs Alabi insisted u must use for yourself? Oh many memories! Thanks 4 always being there! I know you've got my back gal! God bless you, luv u plenty!

  3. Where you going ZEE? Wats up with theis Hall of Fame Kini?

  4. Well! I shall expose these 'anonymous' people, especially the opochi who has come to insult me!
    Anonymous 1 is Zainb (2), the name stealer.....who was naked?? And even if I was, I was 'unashamed!!' (n tor!) Big hugs too, and I have come a long way too oh. Kai. No wonder am your favourite person.
    Anonymous 2 is "Umma" dear...ASCSS, na God say make dem bring Mr. Alabi come Ajaokuta o..see this kin family history. I remember that French money, it was about 13k...loooots of money then, that would have changed my life...thank God sha...
    Anonymous 3: always ask me this question whenever I do this....dont worry, am not gathering my legs together to 'sleep' like Jacob did! I aint kicking the bucket just yet...

  5. Ahhhhhh.....que tu es un ange! This is so sweet! C'est toujours une bonnes chose de reconnaitre les gens qui ont ajouter de la couleur dans nos vies! Les gens a travers qui Dieu s'est montre fidele! Awesome!

  6. I believe that though sometimes friendship can be difficult, most times you reap what you sow. In short all the people you are appreciating today draws more light on you. You have been a worthy and faithful friend is why people can't help but reciprocate. Much love... The Lord bless and hide you under His arms of love forever in Jesus name.

  7. @DNW: Merci ma vous embrasse..
    @Anonymous 4...I wish I knew who this is but thanks for your kind words...que dieu vouse benisse aussi (God bless).

  8. Much love Iya.Good one. I think everyone should create a wall of fame. Ur name will come up among the top ten on mine, oh yes! We had good times. Come to think of it, my life would have been incomplete if I had missed this encounter!

  9. @Barry: hugs, way we jammed in error, no way.


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