Friday, March 11

Just Ask!

I have been away o, not necessarily from the computer or Internet,  just...away....Sometimes you have to know when you should 'disappear', and contrary to popular opinion, the world would not collapse just because you are no there to be 'in charge!'
The bible did say something about there being a time for everything, abi?

During my 'away', I read, I mediated, I mused, I pondered and I discovered more truths! I read the bible, I read a fantastic book on Fasting, and I am still reading my Jack Canfield (extremely big book, but I am taking my time on that). The wow, and the amazing thing with all of these readings is that everything just 'jells' as in, everything confirmed itself.

So, in no special order or coherence.....:

I come at you today, with the truths I discovered, based on the premise that this season, for me, is The Season, for WHATEVER I DESIRE! That is how ready big Pops above is to bless.....waiting, arms folded, watching, waiting for that tiny faith to spark so He can spring. I am too convinced of this.
Everywhere I turn there is a nudge, an exhortation, an encouragement, a charge, a push to up and do something. I have never been more aware of a season as I am of this one....all those themes for each year had never really worked for me, I just glided through the years by special grace ni ke, but this personal rev for my own season is so strong: WHATEVER I WANT.

I am also convinced that God does not want to bless me alone....every scripture I have read in the last few days keep saying 'you and your household' I now (more than ever, not that you ever forget family in prayers, infact, they are usually the main focus) consciously include, by name, each member of my 'family,' and man, are they many!!!.
I also came away with the fact that fasting is just as powerful as is, itself, a form of, whatever I have to do, I will o, I shall employ every tool at my disposal. Everything depends on me (you)..God is just waiting...if the Bible hadn't said that He is a patient God, I would say I see Him tapping his foot...internally saying...come on, come on cooooommmmmeeeee on!!!!!

Aside from the above, you know I have been chanting, 'just do it', 'just do it!' If only it were that easy! Because Mr. Fear is ever lurking. Ha, real fear sef, fear of failure, of rejection but again that is normal, what is not normal is to be completely cowed by that fear...I have chosen to be like bros Jehoshaphat who was plunged into terror but made up his mind to seek the Lord.
Baba Adeboye says to go back to the place where they have told you NO. GO BACK. GOOO. What do you want??

In addition to 'just do it! I am adding, 'Just Ask!' It never hurts to ask. Asking brings a lot of surprises. So, in case I approach you and ask the strangest thing of you, do not be aghast. Successful people, I have read, are never afraid to ask for what they want...again I say....who knows?? God will not show up in a big red hat to bless me, He would use people and things around...according to a tweet from Dr. Mike Murdock....'you are one person away from what you want'. Shikena fa.

Be free oooohhhh, in fact so that we can rest! (rolling eyes)


  1. Once again, LOVE IT. Yes, God will show up in a big red hat to bless me. I am living proof that you should ASK. It never hurts to ask, and you never know, the person you're talking to just might have your answer.

    Keep em coming Zee, this is THE season

  2. Wow! this was a very very appropriate word for me. Thanks Z, Indeed a lot has already started working for you and me. Faithful is He that promised, may He teach us to ask rather than complain or grumble. I rejoice with for I know testimonies and miracles will abound in your life.

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  4. @Anonymous: Am glad this meant something to you.


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