Tuesday, March 22

Zouzou's Wall of Fame (2)

Giving honour to whom honour is due, Zouzou's Wall of Fame continues today...

In no particular order:

Samuel Sadek! My Egyptian (former) colleague at Alcatel, the one who had the honour of nicknaming me Zouzou!!! The name has become me (I guess I need to inlcude this when I am doing 'name change!' Cant wait o, eh hen)
I wish I knew where Samuel is today....

My Ilorin family: Mr. James Adeyemi and family...I pause again to reflect on everything that he has done, he stood as a buffer whenever the storm was raging...he was a father in every sense of the word, I pray that God Himself, as He promised in His word, will raise a standard for this family as and when needed. Alfa Wahab can in no way be missing from my Wall either....

Rev George Adegboye..Senior Pastor, Rhema Chapel, Ilorin....commenting on what each person has done for me on this page will either be TMI, or the page itself will explode with details...Baba Georgie....words cannot convey...I marvel at you, truly I do. I could never forget how you were there, never, ever forget. 
Every single person I was surrounded by when I got saved, the Rhema family, "Mum Faith' and all those who of course are now pastors of their own Churches: Rev Sam Adeyemi, Rev Victor Adeyemi, Rev Segun Olubiyo ('The Evangelist') apart from being a great friend all those years ago, he prayed the migraine I always used to have away...I remember that evening so vividly....Pastor Love Adeshina...so many memories here....sigh... Pastor Owoeye....aka 'daddy', Pastor Folarin Alonge, Pastor Kayode Fashola, and wife (indeed, the first people I stayed with for months when I got my first job in Lagos, a wonderful Man and Woman Of God...Mama is something else, there certainly is no Pastor's wife like you!) Pastor Adeogun Ajala (I will never forget the analogy you gave me when I needed wisdom to navigate that very tricky situation: "trees weaving in the stormy wind?", it still works today oh!) ...Pastor Herbert Aderibigbe, Rev Afolabi Coker...these people....many prayers, many vigils, many deliverance services, many fastings...it was all about spirituality...this is my foundation....and it was strong. I thank God for you all!
Titi Akande, Miss Titi,T-ti! You had to be here! Lots of memories there...haaaa...do you remember all the 'treks' to Church when we had absolutely nothing?? While I do not wish or pray we return to that level of poverty ever again, it was good that God taught us to abase and abound! 
Biodun Mayowi...Ebun Alabi...Kola Odedairo...I know there are so many names I should mention here but well...old age...however, my 'entire Rhema Family' ought to cover it!

All the drivers at Alcatel-Lucent, and I mean all of them! They were like rocks whenever I needed them....my very good friend, nick-named 'OY'....in you I found a friend that is not quite like any friend, the things you did for me are incredible,  almost unbelievable but when God decides to favour a man (or woman in my case)...surely it would cause people to marvel o. Je te dis merci, OY, cher ami; que dieu te benisse.....merci finitement!
'Mr. ADY'...egbon like no other, o gah! God bless you oh. Emma...'help the needy'...Lol...thank you.

Ceyda Ogundur...awwww, 'Chic!' Thank you...all those perfumes...you cant believe I still have some of them...you are a love...but where in the world are you? I still have to visit Turkey you know!

Last, but in no way  the least! Late Rev Sister Catherine Amune, my dearest 'Soeur Kate'...I miss you mucho ...we built so many memories, travelled so much (I think I hardly spent any weekend at school in FCE...it was one ordination after the other!). ...and for you I am thankful for the friendship of Rev. Fathers Musa and Ojo, to mention a few...your smile...how can I forget it?? It lights up your entire black face! Your humour, your 'craziness'...you would always adjust your veil, you would whip out that little round sharpener that has a mirror, right in class, and check your face, which was ALWAYS powdered, you would run both hands over it, just to be sure its still smooth....looool...whew...I remembered when I stood over your casket in Bode, looking at your face as I wept, all I could think was, oh God, someone had powdered you up, and that you would like that...and your veil was placed just so, exactly how you liked it to be.... not going to cry, no, but the tears would ALWAYS prick, cos I miss you oh. Although I would never get over the fact that we were fighting when you died, I have forgiven myself finally and have learnt to 'not cry because it ended,' but to 'smile becausee it happened'. Thank you...It was exciting and wonderful knowing and being your best friend in school.  You were such a great pleasure, Rev Sister with a difference. Je t'aime toujours!

...Is this blog long enough yet..? This is just Part 2 oh!

For adding colour to my life...I have no words to thank you, except to ask God, The One who owns the entire world and all that is in it, to meet you at your own points of need. My life is rich(er) for having you in it. I love you all!

They say to let people know how you feel about them before it's too late...I recall again that song by Ronan Keating...If Tomorrow Never Comes...would she (he) know how much I loved her (him)...take a chance, erect your own Wall of Fame...thank and appreciate them by phone, by mail, by tweet, on a blog, on FB...opportunities abound for this, thank them for being in your life...Kate died before I could...I learnt a very bitter lesson there, so, faites-le...do it, and...
...be free oh!


  1. Okay, the 1004 crew had better appear in Part 3 or else... I will still report that they were not remembered till part 3 but better late than never. Before warn is before harm!!!

  2. Hmmmmmmm.....dont you just marvel at all that the memory stores.......and when you do, how are you able to worry about tomorrow...see how high a wall of human support your Papa has erected over your life Zeezeee! Awesome......to his name alone be all the praise.......

  3. really inspiring... as i read through i realized that i too had a lot of people i have to/ need to/ must appreciate....
    gud job. www.secretlilies.blogspot.com

  4. @ZM: Looooooool!!!! Kai. Keep disgracing yasef on my blog, opochi poro!
    @DNW: Its incredibly true, because looking back and seeing how He shows up as and when, I marvel at how I still worry. No be small human support...what a Wall, what more can one ask for? I stand in awe of Goed o!


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