Wednesday, March 23

Zouzou's Wall of Fame (3)

Yep!! Part God is too much and I am too blessed so dont beef!! LMHO...
Someone told me that Part 2 was too long....I am 'in agree,' (according to Zebrudaya) could have made it spill over to Part 3, but then, its not my fault that I am so blessed  abi??

Ok, ok...its these kind of random gist that 'elongates' my bloooooog! Looooooool!

Here goes, first and foremost but in no special order:  my dearest dearest '1004' aunties....wonderful women, aunty Ima and aunty Reggie, my Saadu....Mimi...Mummy Alabi asked you to take me in for the week when I started work in Lagos when the journey (plus traffic) to and fro Ogba almost killed me, and just like that, you said ok...behold, the birth of another family in my life...God bless....remember when you made afang and pounded yam for my French friend Didier Karger?? Loooool! He never forgot that. You both are something else!

Mummy 'son' Yomi, is so much bigger and taller than I am now....and Bukky, a babe...the friendship with your family...thanks sha. I am grateful for it, for so many reasons.

Hajara (Opochi!!!)...wa o oh! It is always such a pleasure being around you. Looool. I remember your support when Dj was in hospital, haba, all the way from Kaduna..haba...wa me de, avo poro!
Tayo  (Glo), I have you to thank for LASU (I am sure you have forgotten) and for Danjuma too, my goodness! If you hadn't showed up that day I was going crazy, who knows whats story about Dj we would be telling today?? God bless you, and I do not say that lightly.
Still in Glo: Mr. Festus, Mr. Mike Jituboh, Mr. C. Iloegbunam I honestly wish I could narrate the things that these people have done for me...but suffice it to say that I only have to ask...I ONLY HAVE TO ASK!
My aunty Hauwa Ehimony, got saved through you oh! "lets go to Church", I agreed to go out of 'fear' and respect, and behold, Rev George was preaching on Forgiveness...the rest is history.
My uncle Kieran....I have never met a more generous family member. Thank you. My prayers for you is that 'your days will be long', literally, according to the word of God.
My uncle Sufyan Abdul-Malik...thank you, I had a home when I started school. That is a huge part of my history.
Aunty Keita, I know we would meet one day...its a small world, getting even smaller with all the technology.

My friend and sister, Olamide and by extension her family. Gosh...memory plenty here o...we were 'The Wheel' in School: Olamide, Umma, Tsitse and I: we had did we have fun in School! And through being friends then, we became definitely have had an impact in my life, Ola Ojo, have.....and we are in this for the longest haul...thank you.

My LASU class family: Someone in the class once said that if for some reason the program doesn't work out, meeting everyone in the class would have been worth it. I liked that. But then, the program worked out well, and so: to Joyce, (Class governor) Commissioner Forse, Grand Commander, Ima Niboro, Martins, Adejoke, Tony, Lapslayo, Rita, Victor and was an 'Executive Class,' but we were like family, we had real corporation and enjoyed the class while it lasted. I thank you all for the various degree of friendship.

My landlord, Chief Atiku!!! Haba, you cant be missing from my Wall, impossible! Who has ever met a more accommodating Landlord?? Who?? I am serious! The last 8 years (its been 8 years? *marveling*) have been enjoyment galore; I doff my heart, you have been good, I cant take that away from you, you have really tried, for a Landlord in Lagos oh, haba, you did well...a dupe, ese gan ni Sir.

Still, there are people whose names I cannot even mention here, but people whom God has strategically placed to bless me...I cannot get over the fact that He loves me this dearly, that in spite and despite my unfaithfulness, He is always there...working out how to reach and bless me in my hour of need! Someone told me last night that things happen for me because I 'am good with people'....I laaaauuuggghhheeeeed oooh! I most certainly am not! Na God work. Chikena.

Part 4 will definitely come, I mean, my life isn't over yet na, abi! and things are still happening eve nas I speak (write). Lol.

Be freeeeeee ooooh!


  1. I am still looking for my name in this post o, 'cos i am sure its in it, I just haven't found it *squinting hard* and grabbing for my microscope.

  2. @tola omosola, squint hard you will see it****

  3. @Tola: 'Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof' abi be ko??

  4. Me too I am looking for my name as well..loll...Really nice to appreciate people. They deserve it.


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