Friday, February 4

Prayer? Or Judas?

Today, I am pondering on 'Prayer' as well as 'Judas'...hmm, what is the correlation? You ask...exactly!
Two things have caused both topics to ring in my head:  First, I suddenly started to read about Judas everywhere I turned o, and also began to hear the word 'treason!'. Egbami... Secondly, I read on one of my tweeter messages that all Churches should pray for the people Egypt in their Churches this Sunday...

So, which should I muse on here?

Prayer it is: there is always so much to say about prayers but the simple thing ringing in my head is the fact that, whenever something comes up that needs prayers (in fact, is there really anything that does not require prayer?? Is there?? I am guessing that it depends on individual beliefs sha, me, I will even pray about how to brush my hair in the morning!! You snickering? Na you sabi!), we tend to think 'when I get home', because we all believe that prayer has to take a particular posture, a particular location, and a particular time 6,9,12,3, etc....but that is such a waste of time, precious time, depending on situation and circumstances...Jesus said 'when ye pray, enter into your closet...' granted, that is confusing, yes, because our 'closet'' is usually our 'cupboards'...confess, doesn't that word bring a picture of your 'cupboard?' with you kneeling in it, hands clasped together, feeling holy, praying?? Hahaha.

But I have come to understand that my 'closet' in that place, in my 'subconscious' (hoping I would not be crucified for using this word), or that place where I disappear into to have a word with Him...and it came to me, clear as rain one day, that I can actually have a 'closet' right in the middle of that (before) very busy Oshodi!!!!! Its a question of getting 'away' from everything and concentrating on matter your location. When a situation arises that requires prayer, there is absolutely no sense in waiting, who knows the cost of that wait? An immediate word of prayers should be made, no matter the place, time or anything.
And now I am thinking, or rather, I asked myself if I said any word of prayer about Egypt since that crisis started, or am I waiting for a place and time when I can have a 'vigil???' And why wait until Sunday? 
Prayer is NOW, regardless. NOW. Whatever it is, as soon as it is heard or seen, pray right there and then. Out loud, in the heart, in a whisper, just say something, after all the Psalmist said 'let the words of my mouth, and the meditations of my heart, be acceptable.....'  And how, else can we manage Jesus' admonition to 'pray without ceasing' in this day and age when everything is on the fast(est) lane??  

TGIF...can actually have a vigil for all present issues and crisis. or whats your excuse again?? Ha.


  1. Word my sister! I think it is just some notion we have developed over time, since for most of us our worship only happens in a location, so do our prayers.
    May we be delivered from such and realise that He is in us and is everywhere. And NOW faith is...

  2. I am with you Z and I pray on the go so much that my challenge is actually making time to go into my cupboard sometimes. Lol! I find that am either praying on the go 'Lord pls take that okada man and his poor passenger home safe even though he just zoomed by like a mad man!' or praying in church which I love and rely on BUT personally I also love the times I just and my my room and gist......

    I love the colour of your blog....always makes me perk up somehow! Mwaah!

  3. Merci glad to have added a perk to your day...chaque fois que vous me visitez ici
    @Zee: keep em coming...


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