Tuesday, February 1

Dreaded Call

What is my preoccupation this morning? What am I pondering on? What is that thing that is uppermost in my mind? Several things, of course but which one is worth 'showing' on my Wall of Fame (this blog, duh?!) this morning?? Which of these drafts should I post?

Whatever I intend to post will be short, yes, SHORT!!! No long story.
Yes!!!!! Got it:
Why do you feel compelled to send a message just because it is necessary and has to be sent? I learnt something a few years ago, and I am sure we have all read it someplace: when responding or sending a message, read it several times, if at the end of many readings you still feel it is okay to send it, then do it. I have imbibed and inculcated (kai, oyibo) that so much into my system, so much so that if you get anything for me, even if it is a stinker by your own definition, I intended to send it, hence no apologies! (Big grin). Abeg o.
Last week, I got one of those dreaded calls, and it sent me into a panic. First thing I did was try to send an SOS asap..but before I hit 'send' I paused...and paused...and paused...and pondered...and read..and read..and I knew that I shouldn't send that text. Come what may o, this text was not to be sent! Right up until the middle of the night (the text had been saved as a draft), I kept wondering if I should send it. I listened to (un-)reason and deleted it. And told myself dreaded call or not o, I am not going to do the wrong thing to make right any situation.
Well, j'ai tout oublie when my phone rang again yesterday, still from this dreaded caller (dont be deceived when I say 'dreaded' o, I certainly do not mean feared, I mean an 'arifin' call, a call that is actually beneath me, a call that I should not be receiving in the first place, if I understand my proper place in God!). Nyways, this caller wished to inform me that the 'problem', that thing I considered a problem had been sorted by them, they just wanted to know if their solution was okay by me...
What did I learn from this little incident? That there is always a way, that there is another way, that there is a different solution (am I not the proponent of different??, how come I didn't know that there is always another way?) Someone who cares about me, someone who just wants me to hand over the reins of my affairs, of my life to Him so He can sort it was right there when I took this call. Even if I didn't agree with the solution that was proffered me, at least now I have TIME to decide exactly how I want it sorted.
The pressure is gone, there is nothing to fear.. Isaiah 50:12 (I paraphrase) "I, even I, am He that comforts you, who are you, that you should be afraid of a man that shall die, and the son of man which shall be made as grass...and forgets the Lord your God...and have feared continually the  fury of the oppressor, as if he were ready to destroy? And where is the fury of the oppressor?" ...I remember very clearly the first time I stumbled on this scripture, (blog for another day), what an eye opener! The attitude I got from it was: 'where is the fury of the oppressor?? where is it sef? Abegi! why I come dey fear?? Sccheeeewwww.....that's how the scripture made me feel....free, unbound...I have a cover.
(I did promise this would be short and am already running with the mouth (abi na hand) again.
Be free oh.....

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