Monday, February 7


Been reading about Judas, been meditating on Judas, been wondering how, after having spent 3 whole years with Jesus, having seen the miracles, the kindness and compassion in the master, after having been called to be an apostle, after having literally sat at Jesus’ feet, he could have betrayed Jesus? Beats me, even as it make me wonder about myself and the things I am capable of when it matters! Fearful. Scary. Shey the bible says examine yourselves, see if ye still be in the faith’
How did Judas get it so wrong? What happened to him that made him betray Jesus so outlandishly? So unbelievably?? No one seems to be able to figure out why Judas did what he did, was he disillusioned in some ways? Was he disappointed in Jesus? Was some need in him un-met by the Master? Some may argue though, that it wasn’t really his fault because it had been written that he would betray Jesus and thus, was just fulfilling his, destiny...I ponder on this one but me fear that this is not the place for it... however, I always thought of destiny this way: God has destined that I would be rich and famous, known for many good causes, is He going to accomplish this all by Himself, on my behalf, miraculously, without any input from me or do I need to cooperate with Him? Remember, He gives us choices, He never forces anything on, if that is my destiny but I am lazy,  and have no inclination to work toward it, how then can I ever be rich and famous? Even though the bible says that ‘the poor will not cease from the land’, the choice is still ours  to either be The Poor or The Rich. I chose the latter. This is destiny for me; me working with Him to accomplish that which I have ‘chosen’ from the choices He has given me! Destiny is not ‘rigid’ For reference, please check out bros Gideon!
Back to Judas,: our picture and perception of him is: that baaaad man who betrayed Jesus, and so we are so quick to condemn him, but let us leave the reasons why Judas did the thing that he did, because we may never really know but aren’t we all Judases? Don’t we all have a little piece of Judas in us? Aren’t we all betrayers of the name of Jesus day in and day out? Aren’t we sinister in our own way? Aren’t we treasonable in our thoughts? Jesus had 12 disciples, none of them was perfect, though there is no time to ‘dissect’ each and every one of them here. Jesus actually informed Peter, way ahead of time that he would deny him, not once, not twice, but three times! Way ahead of time! Was there time enough to ruminate over this prophecy of doom and take corrective measures? Was it Peter’s ‘destiny’ to actually deny Jesus? Peter? Brother Peter! ha. Even he could not believe that Jesus would dare to say such a thing! Emi??  Great intercessor, committed usher, always present in every meeting, never complaining, fervent bro, active, the epitome of the vrai ‘child of God' (COG). Haba. Jesus. Please. Your pending death is making you see things fa. 
Judas and Peter, both apostles, (this is a biiig title today o) they were not perfect. Judas, having sold his master for a paltry 30 pieces of silver (actually, we sell Him for much less these days, it doesn't take much, its almost automatic) was so overcome with guilt, that he ran off and hung himself! He didn’t even allow enough time to forgive himself, least of all, ask God’s forgiveness. He ended his own ‘destiny,’ abruptly.
Peter, on the other hand, came to the painful realisation of the denial when the cock crowed...he also ran off in remorse but guess what, he didn’t go hang himself, and when the day of Pentecost was come, Peter’s was The Voice that rang loudest with the message of salvation. 3,000 souls had a change of heart at that single sermon! Who says there is no redemption?
I read somewhere that “if Judas were alive today he would be in Church on Sunday morning" but I say that Judas is most definitely in church and in every service! There is a measure of Judas in every single one of us, as well as a measure of Peter. The grace of God being sufficient, which would you rather be? Suicidal Judas, or Repented Peter? Again, me, I chose the latter.
1John 4:20  ‘If any man say, I love God, and hates his brother, he is a liar; for if he does not love is brother, whom he sees, how can he love God, whom he has not seen?”
Judas and Peter walked, talked with and ‘saw-ed’ all that Jesus did, they were intimate with every move that He made, yet they betrayed/denied him, I say: don’t be too sure of your own motives, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling’…and
Be free oh.

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  1. Heavy Talk!
    "...He who is without sin should cast the first stone..."
    I am thankful for the righteousness of Christ which is inputed to me, else who am I but one conceived in inquity. Grace so Amazing!


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