Monday, February 14

Febraury 14

I am sure there be people who would stare at this blog title in disbelieve! Even I surprise myself. Why in the world would I even acknowledge today? I should ignore it, pretend it doesnt exist, pretend its just another day, and move on....after all, acknowledging February 14 as St. Valentine's day is soooo 'normal'...and I don't wanna be 'normal and boring'...

But no oh, ha!  I would not pretend, if I did, I would be predictable...and in my weirdness, I dont even want to be that!
So, February 14th, St. Valentine's day: a day 'of love', a day that everyone and everything shifts to acknowledge, a day for some people to get 'lucky', as their partners and significant other will deign to do something 'different' for them,  a day when all manner of good and evil will be perpetrated. I wont bore you with how this day has been perverted, I am sure we all know the origin of the day, how it became what it is (but what we do not know is how the day has come to be so abused)...we all know how today, everywhere will be 'torched' with red, every available space (and bodies too!), a touch of red.. ooops, I just checked to make sure there is absolutely no 'red' on culpabale if there were! Hahaha.
Should a special day really be set aside to acknowlegde the love and sentiment felt for another? Shouldnt we always be in the 'loving and giving' mood? So that the days all meld into one continuous love-giving day? Our families and friends should know as often as possible how we feel about them, (if you are reading this and you do not know: I CARE! YOU ARE LOVED!) letting them know that we care, we appreciate them...that we are there. Sometimes, (in the past, rolling eyes at myself) I send 'appreciation' emails to friends and their first response is...why are you doing this? Are you okay? Why ask? Because we are not used to giving this way, people think you are about to die just because you are doing something different!

Let us not wait for 'this day' to be expressive, to give gifts, to go to the trouble of spending time and money putting the 'perfect' gift together when all of that should have been an everyday thing, so that on 'this day' no one even actually remembers that it is 'special' because...everyday before it has been so: Celebrating the gift of life.

Would like to end this blog on the note of the song  'If Tomorrow Never Comes' by Ronan Keating:

If tomorrow never come,
would she know how much I loved her,
did I try in every way, show her everyday, she's my only one, the love I gave her in the past,
Gonna be enough to last if tomorrow never comes...

Celebrate love on 1st, 3rd, 13th, 17th etc of Febrauray, of January, and everyday of the year...

Be free oh...even in love.

Oh by the way, I have 2 stems of rose in a vase by my desk....given to me by me....interpret that however you want! (now where is that 'tongue out' icon??)

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