Thursday, January 20

I wonder and I Ponder 1

Well, while still in my 'why' mood, I thought to import my wonder and Ponder series (abi o!!!) from Facebook....

Why are there multiple TVs in  public places but the audio is either from another CD player and/or one of the numerous TVs??

Why do we still marvel at The Traffic in Lagos?
Why do we marvel when we drive out and The Roads are Free??
Why are we still surprised and exclaim in dismay when electricity go off?
Why are we afraid when we have electricity for 'longer than we normally do have?? :-)
Why are people so anxious to get off the plane? The phones come on and begin to ring as soon as the 'craft touches the ground
Why cant people just natural fall into queues?
Why is it that motorists insist on creating more lanes, when it is obvious that it would only complicate matters?
Why are people so 'anti-instructions?'
Why do we think that we have to speak loudly to be heard?
Why cant airport announcers speak normally so people can actually hear the oh, so important announcements??
Why do cabin crew members think they have 'manufacture' an accent to read??
Why do these airlines (and indeed many service provider in my great country), not think, (let alone believe) that the customer should be treated right?
What is in the mind of the policeman who is toting that gun, when he directs it at the innocent?
Why do people think that because it is free, it must be over-used?
Why dont we understand when to speak and when not to?
Why dont we let go when we should?
Why do we complain so much and yet do nothing, DO NOTHING, the least of which is speak up or write up? Lol
Why are some adverts so unrealistic and contradictory? Contessa (I cant even bear to mention them!)
Why do people in 'uniform' appear in slippers, why cant they be properly dressed in, yes, full uniform??

There is so much that 'wonders and ponders' me, but I rest my case with this few...even as I ponder still!

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