Friday, January 21

That 'Lovely Shoe', on the Other Foot...

I was just driving myself home jeje 2 days ago, minding my business listening to ‘A LONELY ROAD’ by Dr. Okey Onuzo when this thought hit me oh! I stopped the message, and because I couldnt write immediately, I recorded it as a voice note (thats a tip for you: whenever you are constrained and cant write something as it occurs to you, pick up your phone and record it! Works well if you have your ear piece on when driving. Oya, how much una go pay for this tip??)
Eh hen! It is amazing how, when you ask single ladies what kind of man they want to marry what their responses are. Many may not say it but top of the list is usually: he has to be tall! (Why not? abeg o, ha!). And then: he must be born again (excuse me, that surely goes without saying, we add and then give a nervous LOL). He must be God-fearing, he must be kind, loving, compassionate, caring, good dresser, have a good job, articulate, have a good job etc etc etc.
But then the question came to me: do women themselves exhibit these things they want this man to have?
Then I asked myself; am I God-fearing? Am I?? Do I really fear God? Am I kind? Do I dress well? speak well, am I compassionate, am I giving?? Because in essence, this guy is also praying for these attributes in the woman he intends to marry!
So the problem is that if I do not have these attributes, good character, how can he find me? Opari o. You see how this is such a reveleation, after all this time? Na wa.
Ok, problems identified: what steps ought I to take to inculcate, imbibe, instill, (in short) put in and put up these things?? Get deeper with God? Read more books? Attend an etiquette class? Travel? What does it take? Better late than never, abi?
What thinkest yous??
In the meantime, be free oh.


  1. loll its true but to me after being God fearing and a born again christian, the man should have the ability to learn and listen. For anybody that doesn't have this ability can not move on in life.

  2. Hey Firi, my faitful 'follower', (grin) thanks for your comment but my emphasis is not on the 'requirements' but on if you have those those things you are praying for in the other person. Tu vois?


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