Tuesday, January 18

Why (2)

I just got thinking about how boring it is to just keep doing the same thing, the same way, all the time.  Tradition, norm, status quo. I find they mean 'bound to do it this one way'.
And yet people say that the most constant thing is ‘change’, if that is true, then why doesn’t someone change tradition? I can hear some people say, oh no, here she comes again (na una sabi!). 
I look at all these ‘normal’ things and I cannot abide it. Why do the same thing over and over the same way in the name of tradition? What is tradition? Who ‘wrote’ tradition? Who is the author? How come ‘that is the way it is done?” Why not do it this other way? Why?? Didnt Jesus come to set us free?? Put off the old, put on the new?

Why must ‘iro’ go with ‘buba’ always?? Why not try the buba on jeans?? I mean, this is how style begins, isn’t it?? Some ‘famous’ person pairs that up, and it becomes trendy! Fashion experts would tell you that ‘style’ is being yourself, dressing in those things that make you comfortable, being yourself…why dole out such advise if we are going to quibble about tradition? I am comfortable being ‘bald’, why is that unacceptable?
Ok, that is for fashion, something I don’t know anything about…so let’s move on.

I marvel when I attend weddings and engagements. I do not mean to undermine these ceremonies o, noo oh, not at all so forgive me if this offends you, but then opinion vary, we are all entitled to ours, so this is mine, and it is my blog! Lol.

Why must it be a white dress? The purpose of ‘white’ in a wedding is grossly defeated anyway. Abi?
Why cant it be any coloured dress? Why cant it be a normal dress? Why is there a veil?
Why cant the groom take off his jacket and fold the sleeves of his shirt, Obama-style for the reception?
Why cant the bride change before the reception?
Why  must we have a bouquet??
Why ‘walk down the aisle? I don’t suggest running like someone asked, but yes, why ever not if you so desired??
Why that particular hymm, ‘here comes the bride?’
Why must there be a cake?
Why must someone discuss the cake??
Why that feeding part?
Why kneel to feed him/her when you do not intend to continue that ‘tradition’?
Why (this beeeaaaattttss me!) must there be witnesses to discuss the ‘competition’ of the cake cutting by the couple? (rolling eyes)
Why must the wedding be on a Saturday?
Why not get married on Monday morning? Tuesday evening?
Why must the reception immediately follow the wedding?
Why not get married in a garden? In your living room? In a School? Somewhere other than the regular places??
Why is there a strict program to follow?
Why is there a dance by the couple?
Why must the couple stick together throughout the wedding? Why can’t they walk around to greet their guests, independent of each other? 

Change is refreshing….refreshing. and the funny thing is people do think about change, but fear holds us rooted, however, the moment a bold person effects a change, followers abound!
Venturing into the Bible, Jesus was never ever held down by tradition, in fact, He brought about change….depart from the old, embrace the new…that meant freedom!
When those pseudo-holy people told Jesus, ‘you cannot heal on a Sabbath’, He literarily retorted ‘Why ever not?!'

The sick man who had lain by that pool of Bethesda for, check this, 38 years (that’s a lifetime to be bound by tradition o!!!) was asked by Jesus if he wanted to be healed…he went on and on about how tradition dictates that when an angel comes and stirs the water, the first person to get in…blah blah blah…I can imagine Jesus sigh in exasperation and said:, ‘bros, do you want to be healed??’

I have told the story of my  hair over and over; for years I had wanted to cut this hair; it was getting really difficult to manage, every weekend I went through the torture of what to do to it (mine was not the type that you could manipulate into different styles without necessarily going to the hairdresser's). But people will not 'allow' me get a hair cut. 'hein! cut your hair ke?? You dey craze? You wey no get body! You will look like a school girl o! You go resemble small pikin oh! Besides, its not good for women to cut their hair.' (says who sef??)
Anyway, when I saw that the 'shoe had 'pinched' me soo much  I could no longer endure the pain, I carried myself to the hairdresser and told her I wanted to cut my hair. True to form, she instantly exclaimed, 'no!' Ha, aunty, why now?' To cut her off, I simply took the scissors and cut a straight line through the middle of my hair and asked if she would finish the job or not.
The rest is history; everyone tells me how 'bold' I am, and how the hair is nice and looks good on me.

Has that shoe pinched you enough? Be free oh.


  1. I had to copy and paste this here! My friend had sent it as a mail but I couldnt help posting..:
    Sure I agree wit u absolutely! Who says u can't 'toast' a guy & actually propose 2 him & of course give him an engagement ring! U can actually have a jeans wedding in bar beach! Mr Musa though may insist on wearing his agbada as father of d bride! As 4 Alhaji B, well I don't know how u go convince am 2 come in jeans! Mrs A,hmmm...!

  2. Lmao for me I am up for change. I like trying new things so long as it isn't immoral. Nice one...


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