Tuesday, May 31

What do I want to talk about today?

How my weekend went? Something I read somewhere? My thoughts? Or that which most preoccupies me? Abi the state that I am in right now? Long story...but like I always say...let's go there. Who knows where this muse will take us??

Again, twice during this long weekend, I came awake and couldn't sleep...again...and when I searched, I found I couldn't really place my hands on any reason why I should have woken up...well, it may be that I was 'woken up' to pray, God Himself kuku knows there is much prayers to be said for me...hahaha...but since understanding that the Kingdom is not about 'self', I hesitate to direct prayers at myself anymore. No matter.
Could it be that, psychologically, my mind is stressed, preoccupied, and while I am not 'actively' thinking about those things in the middle of the night, they still 'preoccupied' me? Does this even make sense? So many questions, so few answer. Sigh.

Anyway, how did my loooong weekend go? Always something to do...always! Friday night I was at the most refreshing vigil ever (Pastor Mo!!! Keep on keeping on..). Saturday morning, the Bliss babes ended up in town shopping for our Old People's Home (remember the Garage Sale?)....afternoon: I was at one obscure place (obscure to me because I never go that lungu before!) around Oregun for an old school mate's 40th birthday. It was so exciting because we laughed and laughed and generally forgot all about life's problems. Laughter really doeth good, oh yes it does! (am grinning!).
Then I got home, tired and spent, fell into bed...and promptly...did not sleep!
Sunday morning: I (along with a dear friend), stole away to be with Him  at the beach for a few hours of alone-ness. That was some experience.
Monday....omg...that rain that began around 4am (yeah, I was awake) and lasted for hours had me curled up tight under that heavy duvet (I dare not forget to give it up to NEPA, they tried o, like my sister would say: the light was so in her face she could find nothng more to do with it! Lol) and prayed to not have to get up. What bliss. What bliss...but alas! I had a cookout to attend that afternoon. My friend and 'besto' (rolling eyes) Mandy is one 'mean' cook. OMG the food...baked potatoes, salad, fried rice, small chops, some incredible ginger drink she concocted, barbecue chicken, that cup cake! (are you salivating already?? I hope you remember this when I eventually invite you to a Bliss Food Fair...when and if). We hung out at hers: good food, great company, chatted and generally laughed for hours until it was time to go...

Promptly at 3am this morning, I came awake, of course. And when I checked in on my emails to read my devotions, Isa 41.13 was speaking:''...fear not I will help you'. And that made my day, I had a huge grin on my face, and was reminded  of Zephaniah 3:16-17 'on that day they will say to Jerusalem, do not fear O Zion (Zainab), do not let you hand go limp...the Lord your God is with you, He is mighty to save, He will take delight in you, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing". Awww! Abeg, you too judge, what more is there to be said?? What? I suggest you claim these words..cos I know you do need them as well!

And once again (though why I need the daily assurance, I have no idea), I am convinced that HE KNOWS. He just does. So, am just gonna be grinning all day. No place for fear.

Take a cue, and relax.

Be free oh!
PS/one day, one day, absolutely one day, I shall write a short blog! 2 paragraphs!!! Sigh.


  1. You're a great writer Zee. Just started to look through and ended up getting sucked in till I read it all!

  2. @Bee: Sowwie o!! (Grin). Thanks though.
    Well, I guess that comes from writing as she thinks it....


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