Thursday, April 18

Ceding Control

Have you ever met a control freak? Do you know one? Are you one? I am. It may or may not be as bad as you think, but trust me when I tell you, (and this is not an easy confession) that I am one. I have had one or two people tell me that over the years, and disagree though I did, and vehemently so, but, I finally give in; I am a control freak: everything has to work my way. Things have to be just so. A completely silly way of irritating people.

I remember distinctly declaring (as status comments on Face book, I think) some years ago that I am not a superwoman, I mean, I just came to the realization that I couldn’t, definitely could not do everything or be everywhere by myself. You would think that also meant giving up trying to control things, right?...ha!

A few weeks ago, I had a flat tyre driving out of VGC at 6am. I was all dressed up and already driving to work. I looked around; there was not a soul in sight…what to do? I did the first few practical things I could do: I exchanged heels for slippers, rolled up sleeves and took out the spare tyre (well!) and the tools and laid them out beside the car….Please note: I have never changed a tyre before in my life, but I would totally do it if I have to.  (can you imagine that of someone who ought to be and behave like a ‘lady?’ smh). But that morning, staring at that ‘mess’, I told myself, oh no, no way am I adding changing tyres to the retinue of (abnormal) things that I do, like change gas cylinders, bulbs, fix plumbing, wash car etc etc! I absolutely draw the line there. To cut a long story short, someone came along and helped sort out the tyre situation. That, in my opinion, is voluntarily opting out of being a superwoman, and it is ceding control.

Since that day, a lot of changes have taken place. I gladly shrug off some 'self-imposed' responsibility that I used to delude myself would cause the world to stop turning on its axis if I didnt do them myself.  And I confess I have made a lot of progress in relaxing my iron grip. Very painless I must say, and freeing, I might add! Now (my) life is easier. 

Ceding control is much less headachy than exercising it. Biko. Let someone else carry the headache.

Take a cue.

Be Free Oh!


  1. LOL...I just tried to imagine you changing the tire. Nice one :)

  2. Hahahaha...I imagined myself too. Silly picture if you ask me!


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